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  1. Rednaxela

    Audyssey Manual Calibration “OCA’s REW + Audyssey Awesomeness”

    The other day I mentioned elsewhere this wonderful video by @OCA. It covers many topics but it has one little trick that is so genius that I think it deserves its own thread. In short it is to make Audyssey believe that there is nothing to correct about your speakers and your room. This turns...
  2. Sparky

    RME ADI2 PRO FS R be Filters

    Hi all, Just a quick question really. Is there any way to NOT use any of the filters included in the RME ADI2 PRO? I'm using Genelec 8341 SAM Speakers which have their own DSP in-built so do not want any filtering applied to the signal before the SAM speakers. Is this possible at all??
  3. Shefffield

    Introduction to forum: digital speaker DIY enthusiast

    Hello, Amir! Hello, Forum! I found my way to this website through Floyd Toole's book and Amir's excellent YouTube channel. I'm hoping to find a similarly grounded approach to our fascinating hobby here. Who am I? I guess my 'hifi career' has been fairly typical until roughly 12 years ago. The...
  4. GoldenOne

    MQA Deep Dive - I published music on tidal to test MQA

    EDIT: UPDATED with most current information. Introduction MQA is a proprietary music compression solution that uses the FLAC container. It requires a license fee for manufacturers to implement it, and due to the lack of transparency from MQA, there has been relatively little conclusive...
  5. DDF

    Ending the Windows Audio Quality Debate

    A debate has been long raging in the audio community that Windows isn't fit for use in a high resolution audio system. Sceptics counterargued that bits are bits and Windows audio degradations are a figment of an over-active audiophile imagination. I decided to investigate this as I kept...
  6. signalpath

    ESS Standard Filter Preference?

    ESS provides 7 standard filters in their ES9026PRO DAC ICs. Filter 1 FAST LINEAR PHASE Filter 2 SLOW LINEAR PHASE Filter 3 APODIZING FAST LINEAR PHAST Filter 4 FAST MINIMUM PHASE Filter 5 SLOW MINIMUM PHASE Filter 6 HYBRID FAST MINIMUM Filter 7 BRICKWALL Due to the AKM fire, we're emergency...
  7. Saidera

    The sound quality of DSD?

    Multiple threads here deal with DSD, but I'm yet to see a bit more depth concentrated in one place. DSD For Beginners is boring and tells very little. Based on listening to the sound quality of DSD native from Cirrus Logic chips like that in Sonata HD Pro I find: • S/N ratio of DSD at high...
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