1. Gradius

    Future DAC/HD AMP upgrade

    I'll post it here, as they are both: a DAC and a H.D. amp. I'm thinking on a future upgrade from E50+L50 to a DX9 or D70+A70 ("pro" ones), or something else. Price difference is $99 or less. Thoughs?
  2. GimeDsp

    DAC shootout, plus USB filter comparison

    I realize this is a touchy subject. I have spend another 10 hours retesting and will post when I can As of now the Grace and D70 beat out the d30 in the testing
  3. H

    Elear + D70

    Hi guys, First time poster... Looking for some advice about a headphone stack. I've been reading a LOT the last few days but I could do with some guidance and appreciate whatever help you can give :) I have bought a pair of Focal Elears at a good price and I am looking for a dac (and possibly...
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