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  1. N

    Eversolo DMP - DIY web control panel v1.0

    I have recently bought a DMP-A6. I have a separate audio system hooked up to a computer I work on every day, and the DMP-A6 is plugged into my second stereo system, which is located underneath my TV. The DMP-A6 is all great, however, one thing was quite irritating - the inability to control the...
  2. Noodles

    XMOS driver settings for no cutoff/delay

    I was contemplating on creating a "tutorial" of sorts for all XMOS drivers on devices that have a cutoff -- latency between the start of a sound and the dac "reacting" and actually playing said sound... So here it is: XMOS drivers use a control panel not unlike this: Usually the "Options"...
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