1. I

    Interface to DX3 Pro+?

    I have a Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 4th gen. It's clean and has a fair amount of power but I want smoother mids to highs, wider soundstage and more full bass. I was thinking of connecting an amp to output 3-4 on my Scarlett. Any DX3 Pro+ users with a similar setup? Do I simply get 1/4 to coax...
  2. Peib

    How to connect Topping E30 to L30 and integrated amplifier?

    Hello! I’m considering to buy both topping e30 and l30 in order to pair them with my beyer dt1770pro. The problem is I want to keep using my speakers, which are connected to an integrated amplifier. I want to use the E30 not only for headphones but also for speakers and I dont know exactly how...
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