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  1. ThatM1key

    Car Audio Amp Mini Nightmare.

    So after we put in the Kenwood headunit, the factory amp would always stay on (Via audio sensing) and drain the battery. The old JVC and OEM head-units never caused this problem. So I did a "Factory Amp Delete". I used the factory wiring for power with the new amp (Its temporary) and it...
  2. J

    Is there any reason for car speakers and subwoofers to require significantly more powerful amplifiers (in terms of watts) than home use equivalents?

    I've been planning on upgrading the stereo in my car since the front speakers are blown and I figured I might as well upgrade the entire thing anyways. The problem that I'm having is that obviously most car amplifiers are not exactly designed with good distortion and snr performance in mind...
  3. ThatM1key

    Why is it difficult to get CD quality car audio gear?

    In the AVR market and Home Audio market, you can easily find and buy almost to complete CD-quality SNR performing products. But in the Car Audio, there's barely any, With car amps, its either clean output (~85db to ~95db) but "alright" watts or lots of watts with poor noise (~65db to ~75db)...
  4. ThatM1key

    97-99 Buick Regal Monsoon Amp & Radio Mini Guide

    After doing a lot of research. I have created this Mini Guide for 1997-1999 (Potentially newer) Buick Regal owners that have the 8-speaker (Not 6-speaker) Monsoon System. Take everything in this guide with caution and at your own risk. To start off, 8-channel Monsoon amp is placed in the trunk...
  5. kiranmatrixlee

    Which is a suitable budget friendly 2.1 Hi-Fi Amplifier in 2023?

    I am seeking a budget-friendly 2.1 HiFi audio amplifier to connect my speakers. My Speaker specification is below. Left and Right speaker specs Model: Sony SS-VX333 Watts: 120 W RMS Impedance: 6Ohm Type: 3Way Subwoofer specs Model: JBL GT-X 1200 JBL Watts: 300W RMS (1200W PMPO) Impedance...
  6. J

    Can't install amp in new car?

    Not sure if this is the right forum. Either way, I have a Chinese JAC j7 car that I purchased brand new last year. I wanted to upgrade the audio system with an amplifier and new speakers. But the guy at JAC who sold me the car told me that the amplifier could not be exchanged without breaking...
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