1. boXem

    boXem A series

    We are glad to present our all-new A series. The A series address the need of high-performance-no-design-compromise amplification at the best possible cost. Power per channel will range from 150 to 800 W. Applications are single to multichannel combinations, for home audio, home cinema and...
  2. boXem

    (not that much) desperate manufacturer needing your advise

    Dear ASR community, we would like to ask your sincere input to decide what's next for boXem. All the ideas from the poll have a design started (schematics more or less ready) but need time and money to be produced. Since days are only 24 hours, time is somehow limited. Money is mainly needed...
  3. O

    Recommended DAC for AVR+nCore Amp with Subwoofer support?

    Hi, I'm currently using a Denon AVR X4400 - but trying to improve a bit on the stereo part. I looking into a boXem nCore stereo amp - but these only have one XLR input (which could be used hopefully also with the pre-out of the AVR. I like to use the AVR mainly for home cinema. Currently the...
  4. VintageFlanker

    BoXem Audio Arthur 2408/N2 Review (Stereo Power Amplifier)

    Disclaimer: This review sample was kindly loaned to me by @boXem | audio. I have no financial relationship with the brand whatsoever, nor had got paid to say anything good or bad about this amplifier. Also, my English still sucks even after being there for two years, so please be easy on that.;)...
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