1. Xii-Nyth

    Any other cheap balanced dacs besides the Topping D10 Balanced

    So I was about to get a magni heresy and modi 3+, was gonna get heresy and atom dac+ but then id have to pay 30$ shipping to canada twice. Then I noticed the smsl sp200 went down to 140 on drop, and if you spend more than 500 you get an extra 30$ gift card, and the headphones I was gonna get...
  2. heita0

    Splitting DAC XLR Out for Multiple Amps

    I would like to use the XLR output of my DAC (Gustard X16 short-term, maybe a Holo May in the future) to feed both my stereo (integrated) amp and headphone amp (one at any given time). Both amps have 50k+ input impedance. From similar posts, I gather that this is fairly harmless and has no...
  3. A

    I turned one of my amp circuits balanced but I can't understand the point.

    I've been designing and building my own amplifiers for years as a hobby. They all sound great. I've been meaning to go balanced since last year, finally I had some time to make a circuit but I don't understand the point at all. Please ignore the power section. In real life I'm using a center...
  4. Y

    Looking for a good DAC with many input and decent headphone amp.

    Hello there your advices would really be welcome .... please fell free to give your opinion, I'm currently using a DX1 from advance paris, it has like 6 optical inputs and 2 coaxial, it also works as a bridge since you find 1 optical out and 1 coaxial out. The sound is fine but ........ Well...
  5. S

    Please help with headphones "Balanced Cables"

    So I ended up buying an amp with two 1/4" audio jacks for headphones balanced connection. I have standard cables for HD6xx and K712 pro with the 1/8" jack plus 1/4" adapter. Kindly advice if there are separate "balanced cables" which I would need to buy separately for these two HP's, or would I...
  6. D

    Finally arrived - Gustard X16 DAC and Topping A90 headphone amp

    The long wait is finally over. New Gustard X16 DAC and Topping A90 headphone amp arrived today from ShenzhenAudio in China. Glad to know that the balanced headphone cable from Audiophile Ninja works (had no easy way of testing it before now). So far so good. Not much to say that hasn't...
  7. D

    Requesting Balanced Headphone Stack Ideas: Schiit Modius/Magnius stack backorder pushed to April 22nd :(

    For whatever reason, Schiit keeps pushing back the ship by date on the Modius/Magnius stack that I ordered almost a month ago. I don't want to wait another month. What other fully balanced DAC/amp stacks are available for around $400? I already have balanced interconnects for separates, and...
  8. P

    DAC with MQA, balanced outputs and headphone amp

    I am trying to find a DAC to suit my needs. I was about to purchase the DacMagic 200M for my birthday until I saw it had A LOT of problems. I want a DAC that has: - MQA decoding - balanced XLR outputs (for powered speakers - Adam T7Vs) - headphone amp (for my Sony MDR-7506) - 32bit/768kHz PCM...
  9. dpippel

    FS: S.M.S.L M200 Balanced DAC - Like New

    Great sounding, well measured DAC with a lot of functionality. Original owner. Purchased from Amazon in June of 2020. Sparingly used. Includes all of the original packaging, remote, power supply, Bluetooth antenna, USB cable, and instructions - everything you'd get with a new unit. $225 - Price...
  10. Vict0r

    iLoud MTM monitors (balanced XLR) to Topping e30 DAC (unbalanced RCA); possible?

    Hey guys, I've recently acquired a pair of iLoud MTM's. I do not record music but just want to use them as desktop media speakers. It seems I didn't quite think this through before ramming on the BUY NOW buttons. :p The MTM have balanced XLR or TRS inputs. I only have an unbalanced Topping e30...
  11. T

    Correct way to connect an nCore XLR amp to an RCA source

    Hello, I am wondering if there is a safe way to do this, since most solutions I have found on the internet are about the connection of the xlr terminals to the internals of the amp, or something. I want to connect the nc400 to an old unbalanced tube pre amp. Will something like this be ok...
  12. S

    Bluetooth capable DAC with balanced output

    Hello! I am looking for a Bluetooth DAC with balanced outputs that has a very specific function. Let me start out by describing the function I’m looking for and some background of what I got going on currently. I am looking for a balanced DAC (while connected via Bluetooth) to be able to...
  13. Maki

    XLR Switch Grounding

    I'm building an XLR 2-in-6-out switch to have an easy way to switch between 2 DACs and up to 6 amplifiers. Is it safe to connect the two input (DAC) grounds together? My existing switch box from Douk Audio has all the output (amp) grounds connected so I know that part isn't an issue. Also, for...
  14. E

    Qobuz/Audirvana/ASIO/USB 2.0??

    Hi guys, Just after some advice as the internet is awash with forums saying different things regarding my below query. Most things below have been discussed individually on here but mine is specific to my machine and setup. Hoping someone can advise. I've just bought a Supra 2.0 USB (A-B)...
  15. S

    FS: Emotiva XSP-1 Gen 2 Preamplifier

    Unit is in perfect working order, also aesthetically in excellent condition. Price: $800 Shipping: US + Canada Contact me with any questions or concerns
  16. EchoChamber

    SOLD[US]: Topping A90 Balanced Headphone Amp/Pre-Amp

    In excellent condition, bought new from Apos Audio in May 2020. SINAD of 121 dB per Audio Science Review measurements. Includes a short stereo pair of Canare L-2T2S with Neutrik XLR connectors balanced cables. Asking $400 + $30 shipping - local pickup available in Northern NJ (Montclair...
  17. M

    Audiophonics HA-B6120 balanced amplifier

    Hi there, i was interested in buying a balanced headphone amplifier and i found this one interesting There is a photo of the interrnals. Is it...
  18. T

    XLR Y Cable

    Hi! I'm trying to figure out if it would be a problem / loss of quality if I use an XLR Y cable. It would be to split the signal from my Schiit Modius DAC to my Schiit Freya and a Schiit Magnius. The Freya and the Magnius wouldn't be on at the same time. Would it work without signal...
  19. dpippel

    SOLD: Topping A90 Balanced Headphone Amplifier - Like New

    ** SOLD **
  20. dpippel

    SOLD: Loxjie P20 Balanced Tube Headphone Amplifier - Mint

    This has been the primary amp in my desktop headphone system for the past year. Probably 200-300 hours on it, tops. In mint condition. Sounds great and packs a punch. Includes stock tubes plus a pair of matched GE JAN 5670W tubes (installed) from Riverstone Audio ($45 dollar value). Includes AC...
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