1. P

    Streamer/Amp configuration

    Hello everyone! Recently I’ve decided to make my very first audio system, got some new speakers Klipsch R-620f, and cant decide what amplifier+streamer / av-reciever to pair with them. The goal is: - listen to music (airplay streaming/spotify/local dsd collection/connect turntable) - connect...
  2. ThatM1key

    The weird things about the Sony STR-DN1080

    I seen people praise the Sony STR-DN1080 but I have not see much people talk about its weird quirks and sayings. Mind you this info comes from the web manual and personal experience. The "BD/DVD" and "SA-CD/CD" HDMI inputs have better sound quality over the other HDMI inputs Source HDMI to...
  3. B

    Advise needed on a new AV-receiver

    Hi all, I am completely new to this audio world, and looking at all the graphs and measurements is quite overwhelming and impressive. That being said, I would like your advise on a new receiver I need to buy. My old Onkyo TX-NR509 died, (the hdmi board stopped functioning, due to overheating...
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