1. M

    Being an objectivist this feeling is eating my brain... [Headphone amps]

    Hi all, I wanted to share something with you all after months of reflecting about it without reaching any reasonable conclusion or output... Maybe getting older but nothing else xD I have been an "Audiophile" and an engineer for quite some years now, I have had different equipment, from very...
  2. D

    Songcorder: transform your favourite vinyl records (and more) into high quality digital files

    Hello! I'd like to share with you the product I've released last year. It's based on a Linn streamer technology with a twist. What is Songcorder? Songcorder transforms your favourite vinyl records into high quality digital files. Same sound. New format. Why Songcorder is the best way to...
  3. G


    I'm selling my Auralic Taurus MkII Headphone Amp. Excellent condition, no scratches or blemishes of any kind. Owned for one year and used regularly on my desk at work. Comes with manual and power cable. Will ship in the original box. $1000 shipped anywhere in continental USA.
  4. amirm

    RMAF 2016: AURALiC, Ryan Speakers

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