1. BobbyTimmons

    Is it audiophoolia to care about SINAD differences which have no correlation in blind listening tests? H2/H3 distortion 'enriches the sound'?

    Most of the variability found in DACs and amplifiers wouldn't correlate with findings in blind listening tests. Research even shows lower order distortion can be a good thing for some ('Recent studies have clearly shown the human PREFERENCE for THD distortion of low order or at higher...
  2. Jorj

    Directional Cables And Other Faerie Folklore

    As a recovering addict (car stereo....leave me alone...I had lots of windshield time in a past life), I've tended towards an occasional foray into the home audio game. Just long enough to get what I consider acceptable sound, and get out. I'm not sure when this got started, but I saw nothing of...
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