1. P

    Optical (out) to USB-C (in)

    I have a Focusrite solo connected to my laptop and want to get input from my TV for two channel audio. The solo only has a USB-C port for digital audio and I want to leave the other analog inputs free for instruments. I want to control the volume with my TV remote as well. My only options for...
  2. heita0

    Is there likely to be a difference in audio quality between these two balanced-to-unbalanced adapters?

    To use my Sony IER-Z1R with plain 3.5mm sources when I need to, for convenience, I am getting a 4.4mm female to 3.5mm male adapter. Between option 1 and option 2, is there likely to be any difference in audio quality? I obviously don't expect an adapter to add to the quality, but I am concerned...
  3. C

    Headphone adapter kits, multi cable kits, available alternatives?

    Hi! I have three headphone amps and couple of headphones. They all have different outputs and cable connectors. I've been searching for cable kits / adapter kits. The ones I've seen is Hart Audio cables: What alternatives is there out there...
  4. imagidominc

    Topping D30 - Amazon sent me the wrong adapter; electrical question.

    Hello everyone, I just received a Topping D30. I own a THX 789 (precisely because of Amir's recommendation), but I needed a substantial dac to pair it with. When I tore open the packaging, I thought it was almost too good to be true... and indeed it was. I received a UK plug... and I live in...
  5. V

    Does balanced adapters works?

    I see this 3.5mm to XLR balanced :, does it make a real balanced? How much improvement for balanced dac's like SMSL SU-8? I was wondering because I only see a balanced cable for EL-8 At an astonishing 310$ price...
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