abx testing

  1. H

    Actual Double Blind Studies

    I just read yet another person trying to defend a position related to audio by referencing "double blind studies" generally. The idea always sounds great as a listening test. Truly see if people are able to notice differences between things. If we use a fairly controlled method, this information...
  2. jaakkopasanen

    abxtests.com - Listening Tests in the Browser

    I present to you abxtests.com, a browser based app for double blind AB and ABX listening tests. This is effectively Listening Tests as a Service, meaning you'll be able to create your own listening tests easily and share it with other people. The primary target user would be an audio scientist...
  3. pma

    AB(x) testing of Power Amplifiers

    AB(x) testing of Power Amplifiers I had to do it. Once again I was convinced that I hear a difference in a sighted test, so I had to prepare a properly level matched A/B test. Two amplifiers, both of 2 x 50W/4ohm rated continuous sine power. conservatively designed class AB, with...
  4. amirm

    AES Paper Digest: Sensitivity and Reliability of ABX Blind Testing

    This is abbreviated synopsis of the paper, Ten Years of ABX Testing, by David Clark: http://www.aes.org/e-lib/browse.cfm?elib=5549 ABX testing as you may know is a double blind testing methodology aimed at determining if someone can reliably identify A from B. Both A and B are presented to the...
  5. amirm

    Statistics of ABX Testing

    Statistics of ABX Testing By Amir Majidimehr ABX is by far the most talked about type of listening test on the Internet to demonstrate audible difference between two devices, or two audio files. As the name implies, the test involves two inputs, "A" and "B" and the listener is asked to vote...
  6. amirm

    Double Blind tests *did* show amplifiers to sound different

    In many online debates, position taken by some that when amplifiers are used that have flat frequency response and low distortion that no double blind tests have shown them to sound different. Well, I managed to dig up a 32 year old test that says otherwise. What is fascinating is that one of...
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