abx testing

  1. amirm

    AES Paper Digest: Sensitivity and Reliability of ABX Blind Testing

    This is abbreviated synopsis of the paper, Ten Years of ABX Testing, by David Clark: http://www.aes.org/e-lib/browse.cfm?elib=5549 ABX testing as you may know is a double blind testing methodology aimed at determining if someone can reliably identify A from B. Both A and B are presented to the...
  2. amirm

    Statistics of ABX Testing

    Statistics of ABX Testing By Amir Majidimehr ABX is by far the most talked about type of listening test on the Internet to demonstrate audible difference between two devices, or two audio files. As the name implies, the test involves two inputs, "A" and "B" and the listener is asked to vote...
  3. amirm

    Double Blind tests *did* show amplifiers to sound different

    In many online debates, position taken by some that when amplifiers are used that have flat frequency response and low distortion that no double blind tests have shown them to sound different. Well, I managed to dig up a 32 year old test that says otherwise. What is fascinating is that one of...
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