My name is David van Harn, and I have been an audio enthusiast since my high school days in Chicago's SW side in the late 1950's. Built a 80Kv/500KHz tesla coil using 811A triode tubes in 1958 and conducted experiments in "high frequency phenomena" which earned me a 2nd place in physics at the Chicago city-wide science fair in 1960 - the pinnacle of my "scientific career." Poor color vision ruled out a career in clectronics, so I ended up getting a degree in Conservation of Natural Resources from UC Berkeley at the age of 36. Then I worked in sales and design of solar heating systems, and later, sold aerospace precision rotating components and finally, sold and did tech support for PC-based scientific software. Became an IT specialist, and finished as a contract senior network administrator plus desktop support for San Francisco corporations, including being on the Y2K team for the Pacific [Stock] Exchange admin section. I am currently starting a book on my audio history and the "psychology of audiophilia."
Dec 16, 1941 (Age: 80)
Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama
Retired (Former network administrator & technical salesman)


David van Harn, Retired American Expat
AV/HT System: 40" Samsung LCD TV, Intel NUC11 Quad-Core Celeron N510, Windows 11 + Kodi,
IOTAVX AVP, ICEPower 200ASC/200AS Ghent Class D Amplification, Wharfedale D320 L/R + D300C Center. (L/R speakers switchable to YarLand 2-channel tube amplifier)
Dedicated 2-channel audio system:
RaspberryPi3B+/MoOde > Topping DX7s DAC > YarLand EL34 PP amplifier > Wharfedale D320 speakers.
Desktop Audio: Intel NUC8i7 > I.AM.D. v200 DAC/Amp > Q-Acoustics 3010 speakers



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