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    Triangle Esprit Antal Ez Review (Tower Speaker)

    Waiting for rave reviews of this speaker from: Steve G. Andrew Robinson (with bonus clickbait title and thumbnail) Zero Fidelity Thomas & Stereo The Next Best Thing Studio
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    Let's talk CD Players!

    I used a "Walmart" DVD player as a transport before (hooked up to an integrated with DAC) and they sounded fine. My only gripe is that they took forever to scan CDs. Now I use an entry level Marantz CD5005 which is a CD playback only machine. The experience/ritual of using it feels more "normal."
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    Bowers & Wilkins 607 S2 Anniversary Edition Review

    Most likely intentional house sound applied to these speakers, as with most if not all in their current catalog. Is it in their crossover designs? Because the drivers seem decent (low distortion) and I'm sure the drivers would perform well if only the design goal was flat response. Anniversary...
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    Hidizs S9 Review (Headphone Adapter)

    Hopefully no bugs like the clicking noise on my bricked S8.
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    Topping D30Pro Review (Balanced DAC)

    Just to add, so if one is in the market for >115dB DACs, he should be more concerned about the features, price, build quality, reliability, quirks/bugs, etc. than "how they sound." And just so we're still on topic, the D30Pro looks like it should be on any buyer's shortlist.
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    Topping D30Pro Review (Balanced DAC)

    For my purposes as a DAC/pre, this beats the D90 because it has a huge knob and huge volume display. Is the pricing and release info out yet? Regarding Amir's channel: first time for me to hit subscribe and a bell even before watching 1 second of the channel's content! My suggestion is to...
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    Objectivist friendly and wallet friendly IEM?

    I have 'em. Not exactly neutral, but quite pleasant. Heavy low end and enhanced in around 2kHz giving a perception of detail. Best with Comply foam tips.
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    Sheffield Lab Albums - yay or nay?

    I knew I made the right decision of creating this thread. Soaking in the insider/historical info as well as opinions. Apologies I couldn't contribute much. I'm also not into classical, so the Sheffield albums that I like are the Jazz and Funk ones. 37 posts in and no one has mentioned the...
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    Sheffield Lab Albums - yay or nay?

    This is another one of my what ifs. Reading the CD inserts I did see some mention of tube electronics. We all know how tube adds distortion. I wonder how they actually affected the sound of the recordings and if it would've made a difference if they used solid state instead.
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    Sheffield Lab Albums - yay or nay?

    Thanks for the reply. I would have to disagree though. I think the performances were quite entertaining and foot tapping, even if they're not my favorite music genres I listen to. I'm referring to the following albums: - Dave Grusin Discovered Again - JNH and Friends - Don Randy and Quest - top...
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    Sheffield Lab Albums - yay or nay?

    I grew up with these. My dad tried collecting the entire catalog, be it on CD or vinyl and I was the direct beneficiary. To this day, they are my favorite old school "audiophile" record label (vs. Reference Recordings, Telarc, Chesky, etc.). I just love the sound of their recordings in general...
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    DO SPECS REALLY MATTER in Audio? - Understanding Speaker Measurements!

    @hardisj is one of my favorite YouTube channels now. I watch his videos even if I have no specific interest (to own the) driver or product he's measuring. Bonus that he's a car audio nut which was my previous interest. Looking forward to more objective YouTubers. @HionHiFi, on the lookout for...
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    DO SPECS REALLY MATTER in Audio? - Understanding Speaker Measurements!

    My conspiracy theories: a. Manufacturers who are getting affected by ASR are paying these influencers to talk against measurements b. These YouTubers feel their jobs/revenue are threatened hence they talk against measurements. i.e. who will listen to my subjective nonesense when my audience gets...
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    Topping PA3 Review (Stereo Amplifier)

    I have one. Happy to see it finally reviewed. At least now I have an idea of how it measures. Good enough for a garage, guest room or patio I guess. Thanks Amir.
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    My first youtube interview... I am famous now!!!

    You mean like Ask Paul (McGowan) on YouTube? :p
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