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    The Truth Pre Amp Review

    Fell free to post them. I don't think that anyone else is that interested.
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    The Truth Pre Amp Review

    Yet in 1926 and 1952 many more people were electrocuted at home than were killed on railroad tracks. Electricity was an invisible killer and many products and electrical systems were of unsafe designs.
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    A DC Blocker to help stop transformer HUM

    In old commercial/industrial areas, yes. But in residential areas, no. Home appliances are intermittent in operation. 'home wiring of many different vintages and states of repair on the local grid' can not cause a DC offset problem.
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    A DC Blocker to help stop transformer HUM

    Yes, but it was more common some decades ago. Residential problems were appliances like old tea pots and hair dryers, Large date centers had 3 phase problems from old computer power supplies.
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    The Truth Pre Amp Review

    And lots of people were killed with that old wiring system. Bathroom and kitchen electrocutions were way to common. Table radios were a death trap.
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    The Truth Pre Amp Review

    The 'UL' and 'NEC' might have a very different opinion on that.
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    The Truth Pre Amp Review

    This is totally incorrect and dangerous.
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    Cable differences are real

    Yes, there are two PhD's (in other fields) both skilled in writing long impressive papers. From time to time they write audiophile papers and blogs. They start from a conclusion and only examine evidence that supports their conclusion.
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    Do you need AC Noise Filtering For Your Audio Devices?

    That's exactly how I would expect a DC offset problem to occur. It takes some using a significant amount of power to cause a DC offset. Not many items in a residential area do that for long periods of time. For the most part, these items have to be powered from the same utility power transformer.
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    Surge protector recommendations?

    And then you look at the current waveform at the AC input of a power amplifier and you wonder what the sine wave fuss was all about. The current waveform looks more like a square wave than a sine wave.
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    Do you need AC Noise Filtering For Your Audio Devices?

    In a residential environment, there are few appliances capable of causing a DC offset that operate 24 by 7. So most DC offset problems should come and go, yet we don't read about audiophiles noticing this on/off situation.
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    Aiyima 04 Op-Amp Problem

    Op-amp rolling for those who don't have the skills & test equipment is an accident looking for a time to happen. Despite it's great age, theNE5532 is a good op-amp.
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    Analysis Plus Cables

    They use the old trick of using Engineering Knowledge, take it way out of context, them misapply it to their audio products.
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    Stereophile magazine has been doing amplifier measurements in to simulated loudspeaker loads for many years.
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    Can crossovers be replaced by DSP adjusted signals in any speaker design ?

    One neat thing about some DIY 'DSP' crossovers is, you can program different crossover setups in as scenes. Then have someone else select a random scene. Then do your listening tests (in effect a blind test).
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