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    What cables do you use in your systems?

    VdH CS122 Hybrid speaker cables
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    Roksan's new Attessa amplifier

    Yes, Roksans have almost always exceeded published manufacturers power figures in tests, going back decades. Good practice.
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    Stirling Broadcast BBC LS3/6 Ltd Edition Reference Loudspeakers

    I am currently using these with my Hegel amplifier, CCA, VdH cabling. Lovely precision, dynamics and coherence. Music 'pours' out of the speakers. Large sweet spot and without doubt the best high frequencies I have ever heard. Sound has none of the...
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    Roksan's new Attessa amplifier

    I had a first look (but not listen, this will be next) at Roksan's new entry level amplifier. It looks better in hand than on pictures. I like the centralised volume/function control and inset ventilation grilles. The control knob has a nice, firm resistance and the haptic feedback is both...
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    Revel M105 Bookshelf Speaker Review

    105 vs m16's for medium rooms?
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    Hegel H95 Review (Streaming Amplifier)

    H95 owner here (as well as an Arcam SA20 and Audiolab 6000A, swapped between in my second system). Having also used and owned a couple of cheap and cheerful 'Class D' cinese made products which are well reviewed here plus recent active systems (Kef LS50 Wireless 2 Meta and Bowers & Wilkins...
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    Rega iO

    Many would disagree ...
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    Why not review some Hegel amps?

    Imho Class D amplifiers definitively have a 'sonic foot print' regardless if the figures read similarly to different topologies. I am talking about the well known, well developed brands/products ie. Hypex, Pascal, ICE. My previous active speakers used these. Cheaper chinese chip amps will...
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    Does it matter if an amp has a linear power supply vs switching power supply? Starke AD4.320 vs NCore and ICEedge

    After having had two brands of Actives I've gone off Class D and Switching supplies. Back to linear non Class D and separates. Happy again.
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    Why not review some Hegel amps?

    A very subjective and, dare I say ... slightly arrogant way of looking at it. Still ...
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    Why not review some Hegel amps?

    Fantastic sounding amplifier. I have one here after getting rid of my active (Class D) active systems. I also have an Audiolab 6000a and Arcam SA20. Both superb in their price categories, all built very well. I have rediscovered enjoying music after going back to separates non-class D.
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