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    JDS Labs Atom DAC Review

    I'm in for one :). It will stack well with my Atom Amp to replace my ODAC. It doesn't win the numbers race, but it's transparent so that doesn't matter to me. I think JDS is one of the best audio companies around right now in terms of build quality, support, openness, and dedication to...
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    JDS Labs EL AMP II Headphone Review

    I love the look, but if it were me, I'd have compromised it to get a power button on the front/top area. Needing to fish my fingers back there any time I want to switch to speakers is just... meh.
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    Amazon launches lossless high-res music service!

    I noticed playing a UHD-capable file at a lower quality will pop up this. Seems to indicate it won't do anything to get bit-perfect playback.
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    Amazon launches lossless high-res music service!

    So the files are high-res, but is there any way to check if the player is bypassing Android's 16bit/48kHz?
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    Microsoft is kinda cool to let it happen

    I mean there are like 150 buildings, it's hard to know them all :). I think only area I recognized was the fountain between 16/18 at the end.
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    Review and Measurements of New JDS Labs Atom Headphone Amp

    I'll be curious to see how power compares to O2 and EL AMP.
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    Review and Measurements of Topping DX3Pro DAC and Headphone Amp

    cheap, lots of inputs, lots of outputs, enough power for seemingly anything short of an e-stat, seemingly audibly transparent -- what's not to like? FR will always be affected, but at some point it'll be by such a small amount you just won't be able to hear it. Some used to recommend a...
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    Review and Audio Measurement of LG G7 ThinQ Smartphone

    I have to say, with everyone ditching the audio jack, I *love* that LG decided doubling down on theirs was a way to differentiate themselves. I also love voting with my wallet, so it was an easy selling point for me. I liked my V30 prior to reading this one, and now I like it even more :). When...
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    A bit about your host....

    Amir, were you part of the Media Center team by chance? I miss that product so much. I knew a few of those guys were somewhat regular posters on doom9, so I could see the passion there.
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    We measure audio equipment for free!!!

    Any interest in non-objective things? I have the ZO 2 and ZO FS from Digizoid -- they are feedback-based bass boosting amps. I'm not sure how you could reasonably measure them -- maybe with their settings at 0. The 2 sounds good but is analog and noisy and warm, while the FS is all digital and...
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