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    SVS 3000 Micro Subwoofer (announced)

    because they are narrow minded?
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    What Have You Watched Recently?

    King Kong vs Godzilla (2021). Ugh, i want the 2 hours of my life back. I woulda preferred a root canal without anesthesia.
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    Youtube is running ads against my channel :(

    What's really clear from the comments on profitability and questioning policies that clearly increase either share of mind, revenue, views or some other corporate goal is no one questioning has ever run a for-profit company. Geesh folks they (along with virtually every other company selling...
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    Youtube is running ads against my channel :(

    For now In my experience, the higher the views the greater the chance they attach ads. Amirs channel is still new. Just wait
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    Youtube is running ads against my channel :(

    Another, and potentially better browser is BRAVE, in my experience. But its security "features" quite often break websites
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    Youtube is running ads against my channel :(

    you then have to worry about search optimization which, without it, you may never be found. You will likely never be able to beat being found when on youtube. Then again, maybe, Amir doesnt care. If not, hosting on this site is good enough
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    Youtube is running ads against my channel :(

    I use ad blockers but they dont work for youtube. It may be my browser or something else, i dont know.
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    Audiophile jewelry - most beautiful Cd players, turntables and other gear

    Too small for toast, must be for english muffins
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    Mayday- What streamer/player for Qobuz (rookie)

    Look at the Matrix Audio element options and Lumin line (U1 mini is cheapest)
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    Schiit speaks

    If people wouldn't respond, he would go away so its this forum's response to his posts that has as much control over the trolls than the admin/overlord. Ignore, don't respond to them and they will eventually go away. While i agree with what you say, if we quit whining to the admin and use the...
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    God is real

    No fair taking your weight on the moon. Get down and gimme 20
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    ATC, Dutch&Dutch, Grimm tomorrow

    Not disparaging you or your attempt at journalism but its this attitude i read in your responses that makes journalist the 4th least respected professions (in US and #1 in the UK). Aren't any journalists motivated by accuracy and professionalism or is it just to drive advertising (the 3rd least...
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    Revel Salon2 questions

    1) I had subs with my salons but i would suggest waiting to purchase and listen in your room to see if they are needed 2) Yes 3) I preferred them with equalization. Whether it be RME or some other device/method, the availability of equalization can help dramatically with your setup if not...
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    SACD playing to an external DAC (DSD via i2s hdmi input)

    make sure you clarify whether you are speaking of 2 channel or mch. If mch, the its important to be clear, in case someone was interested, the information above on compatible dacs is incorrect.
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