Marc v E

In hifi I made a long journey, but it seems I found my place of happiness. Currently investigating the possibilities of eq in dsp and streaming with a raspberry pi. I'm now gaining experience with my desktop setup. My end goal is updating my main dac and preamp to something with dsp, better measuring sinad and great usability.

I have coding capabilities in java and python. Tried out javascript in a report dashboard; used matplotlib to make graphs (didn't know it was meant for audio graphs!) and currently involved in cloud based technology.

I own a desktop setup consisting of: raspberry pi >> dx7pro >> Genelec 8030A
Currently running MoOde and Camilla DSP with a Rew automatic eq file.

My main setup consists of: raspberry pi/chromecast audio and video>>NAD 510C dac/preamp >> Beolab 9

I basically have all my music on a NAS but sometimes play cds on the bluray player. Movie sound I play via the Beolabs. That may seems strange at first, but they are more than capable.
Apr 4, 1980 (Age: 42)
The Netherlands (Holland)
Performance tester and testautomation engineer
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