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    using optical trough a soundcard to dac

    You can use any internal PC soundcard with an optical out. The Asus Xonar XD is a cheap and good one.
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    Dac upgrade help

    I'm positive that it's not the DAC that's the problem. Only way to be sure is a blind test. Could even be that you hear the flaws in the recordings now.
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    Replace noisy laptop as music source

    This! I use a similar setup. Music on a NAS and a CCA connected to my HAD-1 via toslink.
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    Power conditioner for Euro plugs.

    This solves the surge issues: APC Surgearrest Essential Grenuttag med overspenningsvern 5-veis From in Norway, 400 NOK.
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    Dac upgrade help

    Why? The DAC you have is good enough, unless there is some function you're missing. What's wrong with your DAC?
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    Tough decision M400 or X-SABRE Pro MQA?

    Get the cheapest one, or the one with with the functions you need.
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    Review and Measurements of Chromecast Audio Digital Output

    Sometimes I use one of my CCAs with a powerbank as a make shift headphone amp. Great when I'm in the garden.
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    Does this system make sense?

    When you have your basic needs satisfied there are other things than sound of the DAC that's important. Features, headphone out impedance, build quality, warranty etc. To weed out the crap and get a unbiased (as much as that is possible) test. Getting away from manufacturers BS. At least...
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    es9280c or WHS9415 for type c dac. price difference worth it?

    No idea, it's all in the implementation of the dac-chip it self. Who is the manufacturer?
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    Do DACs and headphone amps have different voice and instrument timbre texture?

    But that post is several hours old, it must be something new that is bothering @100rounddrum
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    Do DACs and headphone amps have different voice and instrument timbre texture?

    That combined with the answer from @majingotan give you the answer you need. DACs (if they have a linear response curve they do not impact the timber.) Amps might do it if you have an impendance miss match (in the case of the IEM) and the headphone is susceptible to it. What I really want to...
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    Is there an audibly better streamer than Chromecast Audio?

    Good point, I don't use Spotify only my kids, and I'm only wanted when "Spotify doesn't works daddy....!!!!" as the inhome tech.
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    DACs that better compensate for noise

    The knowledgebase here is wast. The willingness to feed trolls, not so much. But what really matters is that you don't take your self to seriously and accept that you know alot but nothing in the grand scheme of things. Same goes for my profession, IT-educator. Some people cant grasp that...
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