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    Nobsound TPA3255 Amplifier

    Agree this does not seem a power issue. Early bass roll off generally could be caused by small coupling capacitors. I recall johnaudiotech did a good video on this. Hope you find useful, hope JAT will join this forum. my Best L.
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    Nobsound TPA3255 Amplifier

    What about the power supply? How many Amps?
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    Strange Impulse response after DIRAC...

    just repeat the measurement with mic lowered a bit... few centimetres (in step of one inch). it seems you took DIRAC calibrations measurements with the initial one, the listening position, slightly lower compared with the one you are using now for this comparison. my suggestion, to have a clear...
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    Adam T5V Review (Studio Monitor)

    None here pretend a cable can change the frequency response… guess a cable with few db shelving at upper treble…!!!! Naaa
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    What exactly is MiniDSP?

    Trust me. In a blind test you will not distinguish E30 from minidsp pure DAC. Then when you will Cross the Sub in digital domain with steep 48dB octave adding Diraclive correction you will realize that ddrc24 is a great product. Then if you live in a treated room, have 1k$ spare and have...
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    Alpine UTE-73BT Review (Head Unit)

    indeed better to enjoy Ferrari engine... V12 are the best but also V8 are amazing.
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    Alpine UTE-73BT Review (Head Unit)

    hi Frank, may I ask you which car you drive (the quietest) and which soft top sport car? maybe pressure level should be coupled with frequency right? my hobby measurements shows a reduction of noise as frequency increase due to interior dampening material. aerodynamics;), tires, engine (vibs...
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    SUB + Stereo System

    The investment is limited with Minidsp DDRC24. what you have is digital XO with 48dB octave and Dirac live. Plus remote controlled digital volume and 3 inputs: USB, Toslink, Analog. What else? It sounds good to my ears but if someone feel the need for better numbers… just double the price and go...
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    Morrow SP3 Review (Speaker Cable)

    Many Thanks Amir, with this data you simply wipe out the expensive audiopholery industry of HiFi cables. I can’t resist to ask you a picture of your ugly 30 years old sustainable recycled high end cables capable to transport 120db high power signal! Please, It will be revelatory. My Best
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    Looking for a straight barebones DAC Find one dac more “barebones” than this... Best L.
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    JBL 4349 Review (Studio Monitor Speaker)

    Don’t worry @amirm , you just got Audiophiliac! It’s a daily flu, just listen to the brother “Saloon” twice a day and it will go away... Ps. I love the daily show
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    Klipsch Heresy IV Speaker Review

    music is art, sound is science. (Bruno Putzeys)
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    Emotiva Airmotiv B1+ Review (Bookshelf Speaker)

    Good insight! Maybe cabinet edge diffractions? From 800Hz the baffle should control directivity. Can you add Adam T5 or T7 since they have variable baffle width? It seems their directivity index is fairly smooth.
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    Klipsch Heresy IV Speaker Review

    new thread, new thread, new thread, new thread, new thread,... did we reach the threshold...? even if I'm not specifically interested into this speaker (I'm a kii three, D&D fan) I'm interested into the potential difference between the full stack (NFS) vs your previous objective measurement...
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