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    Anyone have their own private cloud audio streaming service

    Hi I recently connected a 3Tb external hard drive to a Raspberry PI4 on my home network. I can access it from anywhere with my smartphone. Simple and inexpensive. J-M
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    What makes speakers "disappear " and can it be measured?

    I'd say that's the carpet in front of the speakers that make the difference. I also have carpets between my speakers and listening place. Wherever you are in the room you can't hear anything coming from any speaker. I have been in many places where friends and relatives have stereo setups. No...
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    Post your most gorgeous vintage (looking) speakers designs!

    40 years old Audax kit, 10 inch woofers completely renewed 1 year ago, new voice coils for the tweeters & midrange domes , new caps for the passive filters New stands Wonderful sound, working 12h / day
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    Good amplifier topology for difficult speakers?

    Thanks for your answers. I guess what we would need is some kind of standard test method for that type of difficult load ? JM
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    Good amplifier topology for difficult speakers?

    Hi I own 1 pair of 3 way coffin-like floorstanding speakers (2.0 system), for home use at reasonable spl level, each coffin having 1 pair of 7 inch woofers, and an impedance curve with a peak around 21 ohm, and a dip around 2.5 ohm. Sensitivity around 90dB I tried different power amplifier over...
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    Topping D50 4 way joystick/switch hanging down, fixing needed

    Hi ! I purchased my D50 2 years ago, directly from Shenzhen Audio Store It's sill working fine, but that little 4 way switch is now hanging down (still working though) and I guess it needs fixing before breaking down completely. Did anybody already have an experience doing this. I opened the...
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    Watches! What do y'all have on your wrists?

    Thai is the only one that's been stronger than me for more than 2 decades. I broke 1 Oyster Rolex (pure sh*), 1 Breitling etc .... JM
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    Live Performance DAC - advice required!

    Hi! TC Electronic BMC-2 does all this. I owned one for years. Try to get one in eBay ..... JM
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    Midrange dome drivers banned ?

    Price is sky high ...... JM
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    Midrange dome drivers banned ?

    OK, this is also the conclusion I came to. I'm myself a vintage guy, with still good ears (16kHz heard) and was never satisfied with cone midrange, too much directivity. Of course my living room is big enough, with lots of furniture, carpets, curtains etc .... Thus the big problems to have a...
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    Midrange dome drivers banned ?

    And a picture of my beloved ones ....
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    Midrange dome drivers banned ?

    Hi! How come that you can't find 3 way speakers with dome drivers anymore these days? I own a good pair of vintage (coffin type) speakers - with 8" bass drivers, in a 35m2 living room. I find them excellent. I don't own very sophisticated measurements tools, but for what I've measured they're...
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