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    Tube for starters

    i have the xduoo MT-602 which according to the spec is class-A hybrid tube amp. there are a lot of YT reviews as well. while it does sound very good at moderate levels, i can discern it is not as clean as my SMSL SH-9 when played at much higher SPLs. i only bought it out of curiosity and the big...
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    LS50 meta's plus sub vs More expensive speakers

    i feel for you sir on buying the hegel! while it is highly capable at what it does, it fails miserably by not having proper bass management for your intended purpose. i also have a modestly capable integrated amp powering my revel M16s solely for audio but it is greatly outclassed by the humble...
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    LS50 meta's plus sub vs More expensive speakers

    +1 on the dual subs! no amount of expenditure for speakers can deliver the performance of dual subs properly integrated at the typical 80-100Hz region. dual subs may even cost lower than a legit fullrange speaker. i have threaded this path already and a humble AVR is enough to accomplish proper...
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    Contemplating Wharfedale Linton Heritage 85th Anniversary Edition

    hello again @dougi! been listening to the lintons for the past few weeks and as expected low end region needs to be tweaked in my size room. btw what room correction are you using? i have not yet implemented any form of correction by way of REW and minidsp. so far, i just hooked my laptop source...
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    Contemplating Wharfedale Linton Heritage 85th Anniversary Edition

    hi @dougi i hope you are happy and content with the lintons by now as your measurements show decent performance with nothing broken out of the ordinary. i am presently considering the lintons in my modestly treated 3.8 x 5.4m size dedicated HT room which is significantly a smaller area than...
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    Denon x6500h -- HDMI Sounds Better than Analog?

    in my experience using AVRs for music via HDMI has the least conversion. feeding analog signal to an AVR has to pass through its ADC which in some cases is its weakest link adversely affecting SQ. if you have a CD player source you may better off connecting to the AVR via optical, coaxial...
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    Bookshelf speakers for low volume & near-field listening?

    your most limiting factor is room size, not budget. you may well afford something like a KEF R3 or Revel M16 which i personally have and i can guarantee you that both will have generous amounts of bass to excite the modes your smallish size room. i agree going for the coaxial design for...
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    What measurements really matter?

    while its been a year that this thread has somewhat fizzled out, it would be interesting to see DAC-off between the top ranked on blue and bottom ranked on green zone if only to discern anything audible between the two.
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    Canton speakers.

    unless i understood the literature below incorrectly, the Chrono SL 8 does not have passive crossovers as they have no more purpose in such implementation. the entire system is DSP contolled typical of this active speaker design. At first glance, the approximately 100 centimeter high Chrono SL...
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    So close to enjoying a new pair of R3s

    hmm, this issue really sucks! while ferro fluid or whatever gunk they put in those speakers may serve its purpose, they should also see to it that these things should never leak under the most extreme use cases which is humanly possible. i am also eyeing the R3 brand new but reluctance prevails...
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    Do all DAC's have technical issues

    i had two of the more popular DACs which you might read here. both have ssues on DSD playback (popping noise) and the other having a known issue with its optical and coaxial connections. i also have a modest SMSL Sanskrit 10th MKII which is excellent and absolutely flawless! i highly recommend...
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    Buchardt I150 integrated Amp/DAC

    looks nice! but i do not see this particular integrated amp on the nord website.
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    Topping D30Pro Review (Balanced DAC)

    hello D30pro owners! i would like to find out if any one of you has encountered any popping noise during playback of DSD material? i am now considering the D30pro since the E30 and D10s has both exhibited these popping flaws during DSD playback. also more importantly how is the coaxial and...
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    Topping E30 DAC Review

    at this juncture we can all just wait how and when topping will address this very real issue. if you are in a good position to request a refund or exchange for something else that works then that is your quickest fix. fortunately, i only intended it for preamp use where i will not need coax and...
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    Topping E30 DAC Review

    yes i did a few hours ago. intermittent playback with CD player connected via optical and coaxial connection. from what i understand the earlier releases with a different DAC chip handling spdif does not have this issue. this may be a major cause for concern for anyone who will primarily...
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