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    What is the worst speaker you've ever heard?

    The shop I worked at sold Dynaudio, B&W, PMC, McIntosh, and for a short time Anthony Gallo speakers. I hated the Gallo speakers, followed closely by whatever McIntosh speaker that was forced on us by the distributor. I never bought any speakers there, even though I could get them for employee...
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    Great cover versions

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    JBL Studio 6 in-wall

    I've installed hundreds of in-wall/ceiling speakers in all manner of distributed sound and home-cinema situations. My experience is that those without a specific back-box/enclosure are always a compromise. They sound ok, but are hardly state of the art. Unfortunately, JBL's SCL series, which...
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    Home Theater System

    I spent 20 years installing (among other things) Home Theater systems of all levels. I think a successful home cinema can be assembled with any speakers that you find appealing. In other words, buy speakers that you like the sound of and build a HC with them. The "illusion" is further...
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    JBL 4367 review by Erin

    I always find it interesting how one person perceives sound so differently from the next. I owned the 4367s then the M2s. The 4367s always seemed a bit too sharp on the top end for my tastes. The M2s sounded smoother and the bass went deeper in my small room. The bass hit harder on the...
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    B&W signature sound

    I used to install a lot of B&W and Rotel gear together. I always thought the Rotel gear sounded soft and pleasant when paired with speakers from other brands, such as Dynaudio etc..... with the B&W speakers, not so much. The B&W speakers were too sharp for my tastes until the D3 series...
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    I've owned speakers by.....

    This is a memory test for us old farts right? Thanks. In chronological order; DCM QED (first grown-up speakers) Klipsch La scala Wharfedale 505.2 Fried C3L (DIY) 1988 Speaker Builder magazine # 4, Swan Speaker system. (DIY) Magnepan 1.6 QR Rogers JR149 Rogers LS3/5a KEF Q55.2 Linkwitz Pluto...
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    Zero-emission vehicles, their batteries & subsidies/rebates for them.- No politics regarding the subsidies!

    It is saddening to read that the higher mortality rate among blacks and hispanics is caused NOT due to their being drivers, but due to their being struck as pedestrians.
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    GGNTKT M2 yes M2

    Variant A, or the left, Variant C.
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    Mars awaits!

    Along with Tang in 1971 they sold weird, dense, square breakfast bars that I loved. They were also sold as Astronaut food. I'd spend good money to eat those again.
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    JBL 4429 vs 4349

    I was in the same boat a few months ago. I bought the 4349, though irrationally, I dislike that they are not made in the USA. The fit and finish are perfect though. A German outfit did make some measurements of the 4429. A search should reveal that information. I personally don't care for...
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    JBL 1400 Array

    I'd love to read your thoughts regarding the difference between the two...
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    JBL 4349 Stands

    While waiting for my new 4349s to show up, I began thinking about which stands to purchase for them. I bought a pair of the JBL JS-120 stands recently for a pair of L112s that I had, and they worked very nicely. However, with my mid-field listening position the sound-field was lower than I...
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    Movies Worth Owning

    I own 6 movies, and of those, 4 are music based. 1. Farinelli 2. Schlafes Bruder 3. Amadeus 4. The Pianist
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    What is your favourite chocolate, chocolate bars, fudge or similar?

    With some walnut pieces of course....
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