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    GGNTKT M2 yes M2

    Variant A, or the left, Variant C.
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    Mars awaits!

    Along with Tang in 1971 they sold weird, dense, square breakfast bars that I loved. They were also sold as Astronaut food. I'd spend good money to eat those again.
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    JBL 4429 vs 4349

    I was in the same boat a few months ago. I bought the 4349, though irrationally, I dislike that they are not made in the USA. The fit and finish are perfect though. A German outfit did make some measurements of the 4429. A search should reveal that information. I personally don't care for...
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    JBL 1400 Array

    I'd love to read your thoughts regarding the difference between the two...
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    JBL 4349 Stands

    While waiting for my new 4349s to show up, I began thinking about which stands to purchase for them. I bought a pair of the JBL JS-120 stands recently for a pair of L112s that I had, and they worked very nicely. However, with my mid-field listening position the sound-field was lower than I...
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    Movies Worth Owning

    I own 6 movies, and of those, 4 are music based. 1. Farinelli 2. Schlafes Bruder 3. Amadeus 4. The Pianist
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    What is your favourite chocolate, chocolate bars, fudge or similar?

    With some walnut pieces of course....
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    How to fight room modes with 2 subs?

    Some might find this document pertinent.
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    I have a feeling I will be listening to a lot more vinyl

    Sharing one's passion with an interested child is priceless. Congratulations!
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    Wanted: Schiit Freya S

    I just bought one. Thanks for looking.
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    Help picking dac/pre amp

    I agree with BDWoody's suggestion. It will allow several configurations, and give you the opportunity to experiment with DSD and MQA for example. I am using an Orchard Audio PecanPi as a Roon endpoint and Preamp (line-amp) for the moment as I am in between preamps and it works perfectly and...
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    Wanted: Schiit Freya S

    I would prefer one in black, but the silver one will do too. Please PM with your offer. Thank you.
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    What did we regret in our audio life.

    I bought a Kenwood KD-600 turntable (new), and fitted it with an SME Series III tonearm, then promptly broke it by plugging it into 220V when it was set for 110V. That cost a few bucks to fix. Oh, we aren't done here yet. Not long after when I was bored with it, I traded it for a Nakamichi...
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    Logitech Transporter replacement

    I've researched my options to the point where I've become immobile with indecision. My ability and knowledge regarding digital audio are quite limited. I'm moving to a small village with limited internet and now see myself using a cellphone to stream tidal through bluetooth to my system. I...
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