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    Curious to know your ROON hardware

    Does it get hot? Can you try setting DSP a little? Speaker Distance, a few hq bands, headroom , play music for a while and see how it gets? I may be interested in getting one too.
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    Why Roon?

    Hey guys, about the DSP settings in ROON. I am curious about the speaker distance setting. Anyone knows the science applied behind this? I have read that some active speakers have dsp settings for similar things like this and their placement. So, what changes if for example I set it up as my...
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    Why Roon?

    Thanks I started checking those, but I read some comments that those microprocessors might not be enough for ROON Core and some DSP settings, not that I use it too much, parametric EQ, speaker distance, perhaps headroom management. Do you use it for roon without issue? For instance, what I...
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    Why Roon?

    the only thing that is a pain from Room, aside from the subscription price is to have a dedicated piece of hardware and that one not being able to be a raspberry pi, which consumues next to nothing. I know I know, DSP processing, etc.. Still I subscribed for a year to really see if It helps me...
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    Tidal vs Qobuz experience

    I guess you have to pick two songs and try to hear the differences, ones you know it is supposed to be a really good high quality source. But still, if one can´t tell the difference, then the choice is about practical usage and wether you want to support the MQA scheme.
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    Sennheiser HD 820 Review (headphone)

    @amirm Can you please tell us, with that frequency response and analysis and after you listened to it? Does it sound neutral at all with your usual listening tracks?
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    MQA Deep Dive - I published music on tidal to test MQA

    If he usually reasons like that to simple and easy to understand sentences.. that tells much about what can you expect from the guy.
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    MQA Deep Dive - I published music on tidal to test MQA

    :eek: :facepalm: Wow, apologies, I hadn't seen this awesome thread and I posted the video in a new thread. Thanks to the moderators and apologies for double-posting! (I searched for MQA but didn't find it) :D Now on to read the whole thread! And Thanks @GoldenOne for the video, it was very...
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    Resonance Experiment

    I came across this video about how resonances make patterns. Had never seen it so I'm quite impressed. Hope you like it. Amazing Resonance Experiment! - YouTube
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    Infinity RS152 Review (Surround Speaker)

    Well, when I watch a movie with these kind of speakers I expect the spatial surround effect coming out of them without sounding like a tin can, hardly much more. :cool: -- I got a pair of Klipsch RP 250S just for that and I enjoy them in the movies, specially when I hear the woosh and all...
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    Buchardt S400 Speaker Review

    Thanks for the hints. I have REW and a umik I managed to measure and the dB SPL for the speakers to match it with the sub, other than that, too advanced for me to understand what's going on. I got a more or less nice curve, except for bass area which goes up and down, but I'm in nearfield, not...
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    Norne Audio Premium Headphone Cable Review

    Yes, yes, but how much? And did you end up thinking the sound was better with these cables before this review? :) Edit: Nervemind, I looked it up, 210Euros. o_O:eek: :facepalm:
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    Buchardt S400 Speaker Review

    Amazing post, specially for clueless people like me who really don't know what they do. I have a few questions though if you don't mind: "* in particular the XO is not that well executed" - What is XO? "Filter 1: ON HPQ Fc 41.7 Hz Gain 0 dB Q 1.13" What is HPQ?? I want to try your filters...
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    RF Interference in Speaker Cables??? (video)

    But but but.. he said he and his family have a heritage of hifi or something, that he made wires with his dad, that must amount to some authority.
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    Focal Utopia Review (Headphone)

    Seeing how it performs, what I like to know is what does it have to be that expensive.
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