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    Review and Measurements of Topping D50 DAC

    @neilmc , If you're using Windows you should check the sample rate and bit depth that it's set to use when running in shared mode. It's probably set to 16 bit, 44100Hz. Go to Windows 'Settings' and choose 'Sound' and then under 'Output Device' choose Topping USB DAC. Click on 'Device...
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    Subwoofer Time Alignment

    @Ron Texas, timely question. I was just wondering about this. In the past I've always done it by playing a test tone at the cross-over frequency and then adjusting the sub's phase/delay knob to where it sounds the loudest. I'll usually use my Radio Shack SPL meter to dial it in the last little...
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    Review and Measurements of SoundBlaster X-FI HD

    At the $200 level the DAC/amp combo usually recommended on this forum is the Topping DX3 Pro. It's $219 on Amazon, but I see it at ShenZhenAudio for $186. I believe @amirm uses a Topping DX3 Pro as his daily driver. Another option you might consider is pairing a Topping D10 DAC ($89) with a...
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    Kernel Streaming, ASIO, WASAPI... and music players (Foobar, JRiver...)

    @DDF , is your laptop a XPS 15 9570? Apparently there is a known issue that can cause "audio stutters and glitches". Dell just released a BIOS update that is supposed to "reduce Deferred Procedure Call (DPC) latency for real-time task performance enhancement, such as audio playback." According...
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    Thimeo Perfect Declipper

    I've been curious about how well these declipper tools work to "restore" the information lost to clipping. I took the clips posted by @pos and loaded them into Audacity to compare the before and after tracks. I wouldn't claim to be able to hear a difference, but to my eye it looks like the...
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    ESS THD ‘Hump’ Investigation

    @DonH56 , IBM has made Lotus SmartSuite 99 freely available at the Internet Archive. You can download it here: It should be able to open your AmiPro .SAM files. Here's what it looks like:
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    Review and Measurements of Topping DX3Pro DAC and Headphone Amp

    @yue , my DX3 was stuck in standby mode even when auto-power-on mode was turned off (A-C). I posted a short video to youtube to demonstrate. In the video I reset the unit so auto-power-on mode was reset to the default on (A-O). I think I said it wrong in the video, but I did try both modes. The...
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    Review and Measurements of SoundBlaster X-FI HD

    @amirm , thank you! That measurement says more than enough. I appreciate the extra effort.
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    Review and Measurements of SoundBlaster X-FI HD

    @amirm, I think the ASIO driver is playback only. I'm not sure why Windows didn't recognize it as a generic USB audio device. It should have been able to use the generic USB audio drivers. There's definitely no need to install Creative's bloated crapware. It can be picky about USB cables but two...
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    Review and Measurements of SoundBlaster X-FI HD

    @amirm , I'm bummed about the ADC not being recognized. Any chance you could try it with a shorter USB cable? I think that device may very sensitive to the voltage drop across longer USB cables. I'd forgotten it was flaky like that. When it's working properly Windows should see it without any of...
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    Marantz HD-AMP1 DAC and Integrated Amplifier

    Sad to see the Marantz's SINAD of 85dB put it in the bottom quarter of DACs--Yggdrasil territory:eek:. Although the Marantz's measurement was DAC+headphone amp where the Yggdrasil, at 86dB, was DAC alone. But I suppose even if one could isolate the Marantz's DAC from the headphone amp it...
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    Marantz HD-AMP1 DAC and Integrated Amplifier

    @amirm , based on the less-than-stellar performance I'm slightly afraid to ask, but any chance you could measure headphone section's output impedance?
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