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    AISO Driver issue

    Have a look at this thread for a good discussion of the differences between ASIO and WASAPI:
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    Gain problem with speakers and passive preamp.

    Have you considered using a traditional preamp rather than the Mackie Big Knob? The Schiit Freya S tested very well and it's on Amir's recommended list. The Freya may cost more than the Big Knob, but it will give you a lot more flexibility. You get the choice of passive or active and you get the...
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    ESS THD ‘Hump’ Investigation

    I believe the DAC chip in the Topping D10 is actually an ESS9018K2M. Amir's measurements of the D10 do not show the ESS hump:
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    Alternative method for measuring distortion

    Math does allow us to quantify the information content of a signal. Claude Shannon showed us how by giving us a formula for entropy. I thought I would try using Shannon's formula to calculate the entropy of a dithered file and compare it to a non-dithered version of the same signal. I made two...
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    Source computer's HUGE effect on fidelity

    Funny. Amir actually reviewed a similar wood "ground box" here. Maybe not surprisingly--it actually increased noise because the ground wire connected to it acted like an antenna.
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    Yamaha A-U671 Integrated Amp & DAC Review

    Does that mean the AP feeds the Yamaha's analog line in with a voltage in of 0.1587 V? I'm assuming that V out is given by And that you can solve for V in like so Do I have that right?
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    SONCOZ SGD1 Audio DAC Review

    Yes, the knob does adjust the volume.
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    Minidsp U-DIO8 USB to AES Converter Review

    Topping D10. It's a DAC, but you can also use it as a USB to S/PDIF or TOSLINK interface. $89 US. I have 2 and they've been rock solid.
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    Dithering is a Mathematical Process - NOT a psychoacoustic process.

    64-bit sample depth? What are you recording over there, gravitational waves? ;) If I did the math right 64 bits should get you to -385 dB or 5.42e-18 %. Sprinkle in some dither and and you're almost there.
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    Beta-test: DeltaWave Null Comparison software

    Sure. I'm not an expert, but I can share what worked for me on the x64 version of 18.04.4 LTS. First if you don't already have wine installed then install wine-stable 4.0.3 from Ubuntu's app store. If Wine is installed and you have downloaded and extracted the DeltaWave installer, then you...
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    Beta-test: DeltaWave Null Comparison software

    I know there are quite a few Linux users on ASR so I thought I'd share that I was able to run @pkane's DeltaWave on Ubuntu using Wine. I didn't do much compatibility testing, but I was able to compare a couple of wav files without issue. DeltaWave 1.0.50 Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS Wine 4.0.3 (64-bit...
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    Dithering is a Mathematical Process - NOT a psychoacoustic process.

    Huh. I would've thought if you've seen one 1kHz test tone you've seen them all--but I would've been wrong. I went and grabbed the two test CDs I have: A Denon Hi-Fi Check CD from 1992 and an Alpine Reference CD from 1988. I ripped both discs' 1kHz tracks to my hard drive for comparison. The...
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    Dithering is a Mathematical Process - NOT a psychoacoustic process.

    If I wanted to treat financial data like an analog signal that I needed to digitize, and I was limited to a certain number of bits to represent each sample, then yes I would want to apply dither.
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    Audibility thresholds of amp and DAC measurements

    Wow. I had to test this, and sure enough, it's like mathematical magic. I used SoX to generate two wav files. Both files were 1kHz sine waves with an amplitude of -101dBFS sampled at 48kHz with 16 bits/sample. The first wav file was encoded with SoX's dithering disabled. The second one was...
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