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    Denon AVR-X3600H AV Receiver Review

    Do you need to do the special power on procedure each time you turn on the AVR or only one time?
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    JBL 705P / 708P

    The 7 series are noticable better with hiss than the 3 series or the Kali monitors.
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    Review and Measurements of IOM NCore Pro PWR Amp

    With the NC252MP it is exactly a matter of sticking a module in a box and you are done. The Nord NC500 based amplifiers are not like the amplifiers built with NC252MP. No alternative power supply, no custom input buffer, etc. You literally bolt the module into a case and connect your power...
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    Review and Measurements of Purifi 1ET400A Amplifier

    Where in the measurements would this show up?
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    Review and Measurements of Emotiva XMC-1 Gen 2 Pre/Pro

    No this does not fully explain why these AVPs are measuring so poorly compared to $99 desktop DAC.
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    Review and Measurements of Emotiva XMC-1 Gen 2 Pre/Pro

    In tests performed here a lot of that signal manipulation just isn't happening. In fact analog in->analog out is tested (no digital). You'd think the basic digital to analog conversion and output would measure a bit better in a product proclaiming superior sound quality. And what's going on...
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    Review and Measurements of Emotiva XMC-1 Gen 2 Pre/Pro

    I did the same years ago and had to switch back (well the avr/avp piece). The streaming era has hit and jriver has no support for it unfortunately (Netflix, Amazon, Tidal, etc).
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    Review and Measurements of WesionTEK Khadas Tone Board DAC

    Anyone else have the problem that the board disappears from Windows when the computer sleeps and wakes up? I have to unplug / plug the USB to the tone board for Windows to see it again. This happens with both the UAC compliant drivers and the Xmos drivers from Khadas.
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    Recommendation for best DAC/Amp combo under $200 Add to cart then checkout.
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    Charles Sprinkle's Kali Audio LP-6

    Of course I plugged something into them. Like I said I was listening to them play music as I was writing. There's no difference in audible hiss from having an input connected or not. Reason I stated with nothing plugged in is I didn't want anyone to think my source was the cause of the...
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    Charles Sprinkle's Kali Audio LP-6

    Just picked up a pair of the LP-6 today and I'm listening right now. To answer your question YES. I'd say every bit as bad as the lsr305 - maybe even worse. The speakers themselves sound great. But with the residual noise with no input plugged in and the input adjust set to 0db on the back...
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    Review and Measurements of Topping D50 DAC

    It's my understanding that laptops have a higher potential for better usb power just based on the power supply / battery tech used in them compared to desktop computers. But this could perhaps be a wrong broad brush generalization. Some laptop USB ports are pure junk based on measurements...
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    Review and Measurements of Topping D50 DAC

    Did everyone else's D50 come with a power supply? Mine only came with a second cable with usb to dc barrel plug. If Amir only used usb power then everyone's results may vary based on their usb power source. Usb power can vary quite a bit between computers or even between ports on the same...
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