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    Sennheiser HD660S Review (Headphone)

    The 58X for me, has a clearly better and more extended bass response. I compared the two (660S and 58X) a while back, the 660S bass was too rolled off and honestly a bit slow sounding. Even the HD 600 and 650 have it beat in the bass. The 58X bass is much tighter and responds better to EQ. I...
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    Headphone Dynamics

    I also want to know what the reason is behind "dynamics". Andrew Park over at The Headphone Show also calls this phenomenon "macro-contrast". When I compare the Focal Clear MG and the Hifiman HE-500, Sennheiser HD600, or basically any other headphone I have, the Clear MG always comes out on top...
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    Your favorite IEMs?

    Without EQ, Moodrop Kato or IE800S. Been a while with the IE800S, but that's my favorite tuning of what I've heard. With EQ, different story. JVC HA-FDX1 and Dunu Zen Pro have minor tuning issues but incredible technical performance, and are both my top favorites. The FDX1 has better timbre...
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    Finding IEM EQ target that resemble the Sennheiser HD600 tonality .

    I'm just going off what I'm hearing, especially comparing to relatively neutral headphones (HD600, HD650, Focal Clear, HE-500, etc.) With every one of these headphones, I hear much less from 3-5kHz than I do most IEMs. That's why I said the IE800S sounds the most natural to me in that area...
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    JDS Labs Element III Review (DAC & Amp)

    It's a plugin called Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP (bs2b). According to RME in the manual, they also use this same Bauer crossfeed in the ADI-2, and I believe the default option is crossfeed level 4 on the RME. I use the plugin with Foobar2000. Of course, the advantage you get with the...
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    Etymotic ER2 vs balanced armature

    Speaking of audibility of the BA driver distortion, I did an experiment with the Klipsch X10 a while back when I still had it, which is also a single BA driver (and actually has a bit less distortion than the ER4 series according to Innerfidelity graphs). The high third harmonic distortion is...
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    Looks like Drop might be 'dropping' a HD800

    The 8XX definitely requires EQ for my preferences. 1-2kHz is certainly way too recessed. I compared them to the Focal Clear MG and HD650 for a Head-Fi loaner program, it really does sound almost exactly how it measures. I needed an 8 dB boost there for it to sound normal. That being said, the...
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    JDS Labs Element III Review (DAC & Amp)

    Yup, that new firmware seems to have fixed it, thanks!
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    JDS Labs Element III Review (DAC & Amp)

    JDS Labs truly has the best customer service. I had a power button issue with the Element III I ordered, John immediately responded to my email and sent me a new working one. I'm actually downgrading from the RME ADI-2 DAC, for a few reasons: the volume control on the RME often jumps up/down...
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    Finding IEM EQ target that resemble the Sennheiser HD600 tonality .

    This is similar to my findings when I was just swapping open back headphones with IEMs. I notice it when comparing to the HD58X, HD650, Focal Clear, HE-500, and the Sundara. Most every IEM I have tried had noticeably more presence in the 2-5kHz region, to the point where I was questioning every...
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    Hifi Forum TDA-1541A DAC Review

    My old man got a Nakamichi stereo system with the Nakamichi CDP-2A, which used this exact same TDP-1541A DAC. Sounded pretty damn good to me when I listened to it with high end speakers and headphones, especially for something made in the 80s. Not that I believe in DAC sound differences, but it...
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    Which DAC measurements do you like to see next?

    Aune just released the new BU2 DAC + headphone amp. Their measurements already look fantastic, but I'm still curious about the other parameters.
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    New measurements for Beyerdynamic 700 and 900 Pro X

    I tried out the 900 Pro X a few weeks ago, sounded great but I couldn't get over the fit. Definitely the most well tuned Beyer I have heard, over the 880, T1, and TYGR 300R. Very punchy and fast sounding, plus without a massive treble peak. But for my large head and ears, the headband and pads...
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    All Aboard the FiiO K9 Pro Hype Train

    I believe the price has been changed to $769, I don't see any discount options on the Aliexpress page:
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    MASSDROP Sennheiser HD58X JUBILEE Review (Headphone)

    I always thought the 58X was noticeably tighter in the bass and more extended. I love the 650, but to me the 58X just sounds more solid and more dynamic, even though it’s a lower price.
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