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    Mitch Barnett's New Calibration Service

    @mitchco Mitch Barnett recently launched his Accurate Sound Calibration Service. Mitch has been a great teacher to many. Mitch is a DSP, low frequency optimization and active loudspeaker enthusiast and evangelist. Mitch has written extensively on this topic which includes a complete guide in...
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    JBL M2 and DSP Question

    IMO, you don’t need the BSS. If you are not using subwoofers in your setup, you only need 4 channels. I would get a good pro audio ADC/DAC with at least 4 channels. From there, you only need a computer. I think the Lynx Hilo or an RME would work very well. If you use something like Audiolense...
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    Science of healthy eating Evolution remains undefeated.
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    Can you review a Synchro-Mesh S/PDIF re-clocker?

    Actually, this forum grew out of a “measurement” sub forum on WBF. This is a “science” forum. There is a big difference between measurements and science. I hope you can appreciate that.
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    New expensive thing from MSB
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    DeVore have another winner on their hands

    for those of you who don’t subscribe to stereopile, this is what happened in the last issue: They reviewed and measured one pair of speakers that cost $15,890 in USD and another pair that cost $5,999. Below is the lateral off axis for each pair. JA described one of these as “textbook...
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    Science of healthy eating

    Why have hominids been so obsessed with hunting, especially proboscideans (mammoths/elephants), for the last 2.5 million years? Throughout hominid evolution hominids have: 1...
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    Favorite Super Bowl commercials 2019

    That one confused me. I’m still not sure whether it was a bud light commercial or a game of thrones trailer.
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    Favorite Super Bowl commercials 2019 It looks like the most one could pay for the Telluride is about $47,000. Based on what i've seen, it looks like Kia is offering a large luxury SUV for Ford Edge pricing. That's pretty compelling. I recently...
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    Favorite Super Bowl commercials 2019

    I love what Kia and Hyundai are doing. I think they are the hitting it out of the park. I love the way the Telluride looks.
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    Favorite Super Bowl commercials 2019

    Which one is the best? Mine: Vegan Dinner Party!!!!
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    Science of healthy eating

    The EAT Lancet diet recommendations are nutrient deficient.
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    Ask me about Bitcoin/Crypto investing
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    Science of healthy eating

    There are only 3 macros: 1. Protein 2. Fat 3. Carbs (which include sugars) If someone adopts a low carb diet but keeps caloric intake the same, then their diet will be high fat and probably fat protein. You’ve rattled off a list of experts. I’m familiar with all of them. There is no controlled...
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    Science of healthy eating

    Left:me 9 years ago. Right: now. I’ve eaten a high fat/high protein and low carb throughout that time. I’m thinking it’s not just a short term diet solution.
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