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    ADAM Audio A series 2022

    It is funny, I am exactly in your situation, I am also a previous owner of the A7X for about 10 years, I now sold those speakers and received the A7V yesterday :D Thanks a lot for your report. I did test it on my side and I cannot find the problem you describe. The translation of the Sonarworks...
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    Room correction - Linux

    thanks for the explanation. I am familiar with IIR samples, they always start at the first sample and have some silence at the end. Then I get to the other question: how much silence should be left before and after the impulse? And also: will the convolution software "understand" this silence?
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    Room correction - Linux

    do you mean he should not cut the silence after the impulse? I agree with that, some extra silence after the impulse should be left.
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    Room correction - Linux

    thanks for your answer, that sounds pretty simple and smart. only one question: where do I find a dirac delta impulse or how can I generate it?
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    DT 990 pros Vs TYGR 300rs Vs HD 599 Vs DT 880 Editions

    that's really hard to answer, because it depends on personal preference and intended usage. I can still give you my personal opinion: DT 1990 pros HD 560s DT 880 Edition DT 990 Pro HD 599 I cannot say anything about TYGR 300r. I suggest you to read some reviews on this forum and audition the...
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    DT 990 pros Vs TYGR 300rs Vs HD 599 Vs DT 880 Editions

    you set as an option in the title the HD 599. The 560s is actually a better option and closer to the DT 880 but with better sound quality and a detachable cable. Maybe you should reconsider it, you can find it on the sennheiser outlet too.
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    (Europe) Master Deals Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Beyerdynamic is offering some extra discount during the easter days:
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    Behringer UMC-204HD Dac and Headphone Amplifier Review

    HI, I experienced the described headphone distortion problem since I have this soundcard (2017). Now I just updated the driver to the latest version (Windows, 5.30) and the issue seems to be gone. On one hand I am happy about this problem being fixed, on the other hand I am a bit puzzled, as...
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    ADAM Audio A series 2022

    where? I cannot see them on thomann
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    Help Choosing Open Backed Critical Listening Headphones.

    about buying sony MH755: depending on where you are located, sony MH755 are usually sold with the bluetooth receiver SBH24. I bought mine a few days ago from The headphones are indeed very good, check the review on rtings: Back to...
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    Sennheiser HD560S Review (Headphone)

    Maybe check the sennheiser outlet too, I got my 560s for 119€, it is like new and with 2 years warranty
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    Reccomendation for small, efficient speakers

    Did you consider the Micromedia Iloud micro monitor? I got them recently and they are very good. Considering your budget, you can think of the Iloud mtm, which have been reviewed by amirm too, they are supposed to be excellent...
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    What headphones would you like Amir to measure next?

    @amirm I saw in an old post of yours that you bought a Beyerdynamic DT 240 pro. did you have an opinion about it? would you like to review it sometimes? [I do not understand why the text is bold and big, it was not my intention.]
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