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    AudioQuest PowerQuest 3 Power Conditioner & Surge Protector Review

    Thanks for the correction, I suppose I was associating streaming with smartphones and bluetooth speakers and lumping that image in with sound bars and the convenience options of modern life.
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    AudioQuest PowerQuest 3 Power Conditioner & Surge Protector Review

    I wonder if the hifi hobby is dying or not. AHB2 amps were/are backordered for weeks, I had to wait almost 8 weeks for a pair of Revel bookshelf speakers and yes that may be due to the virus. I do have a friend in the business and he is doing very well. So I really don't know the answer but...
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    Cambridge Edge W power amplifier measurements

    At least he knew enough to burn in the new cables before serious listening ;) "For comparison, I used two identical Soundstring GEN II Digimax-18 power cables for the Edge W and my Class A Lindell AMPX reference (see Photo 3). At the time of the review, my Level 3 speaker cables had reached the...
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    Mark Waldrep's HD audio challenge II

    An oft repeated expression in medicine is "when there is a cure for cancer you won't need a statistician to prove it". Look how hard people try to document what minute audible differences there might be between these digital formats. If there truly was an audible difference we'd all know it...
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    Room correction and bass management for 2.1 multi-source system

    Anthem STR preamp, integrated have worked out very well for me for 2 channel and their AVRs also have ARC but may be out of your target budget. Used?
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    Elac Debut Reference DBR-62 Speaker Review

    thanks, I did see that comment although beefy is a bit nonspecific. ELAC states a max of 120 watts on the back of the speaker but I suspect that doesn't mean much. I imagine Amir drove them with his 1000 watt amp. I don't have a lot of time with the AHB but my guess is it has the reserves for...
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    Elac Debut Reference DBR-62 Speaker Review

    I would not put much weight if any on that review. The speaker does a great job of walking the line between articulate and warm, with a slight edge to warm. I listen to 80% classic rock and it sounds fantastic with good recordings, regardless of genre.
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    Elac Debut Reference DBR-62 Speaker Review

    Just set up a new pair of these speakers. Qobuz via Sonos Port into Anthem STR preamp, AHB2 amp in stereo. When I ran ARC I noticed that the levels were set at +12 db for both channels. I have never seen any levels set this high and was wondering if anyone could help me understand why. I...
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    Preamp streamers.. which offer a good preamp section (preferably analogue) ?

    Audioengine B-Fi + Anthem STR pre. The former is very small ;) STR offers straight through untouched analog (audioholics test) or bass management and ARC if desired. Manage one or two subs independently, stereo or mono, including phase adjustment (almost lost my marriage over phase adjustment).
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    Best available streamer for benchmark dac3

    I asked Benchmark this question and the Node 2i was suggested for its ability to download hi res and stable easy to use interface. The point was made (once again) that the device has no affect on audio quality assuming you are using the digital out. I had been using the Sonos Port which had...
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    Definitive Technology ProMonitor 1000 Speaker Review

    Didn’t know about the Audioquest thing, maybe just for the $ but not a good look for Gross (IMO). Yet another TGFASR
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    Definitive Technology ProMonitor 1000 Speaker Review

    Imagine the results if Amir had simply used the Noise Harvester ;) I went through a DefTec phase not too long ago (preASR); their towers received glowing reviews. Their amps must have been glowing as well because I had them fail in their "powered towers" as well as their subs. Our local audio...
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    Best phone for streaming audio

    Hi, my understanding from reading is that if you're going to use bluetooth from your phone to another component, then aptX HD is the best codec, and no iphone has this feature. Assuming that is true I am looking to dump my iphone for an android phone assuming most models have aptX HD. I would...
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    Review and Measurements of Benchmark AHB2 Amp

    a nice problem to have! thank you for contributing your expertise to this forum. I placed an order this morning :)
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    Review and Measurements of Benchmark AHB2 Amp

    Can you share your insight on when the backlog of orders for this amp will be resolved?
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