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    Magnepan LRS Speaker Review

    Maggie thought police..........hahaha. You need a t-shirt. A now departed friend used to tell people how: The 2nd happiest day of my life was the day I acquired my Magnepan speakers. They were so cool and I wanted them so badly. The happiest day of my life was when I sold my Magnepan...
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    How possible to do a SMPS amp with 1000mhz (1ghz)?

    Finsix looks pretty cool, but a bit pricey. This brand Innergie is less expensive and smaller. But I don't know if it operates at such a high frequency. I'd expect it might operate at least higher than normal...
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    I discovered something very interesting about digital vs vinyl.

    Real audiophiles can hear faster than the speed of light. ;)
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    How to Measure Amplifier Sound Stage Capability?

    I see one of your amps is a tube amp. Most likely the collapsed sound stage is accurate. But first have someone help you do this blind. You might be surprised to find all of a sudden you can't hear a different sound stage. Lots of people get the cart before the horse and want an explanation...
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    The acoustics of Notre Dame before and after the 2019 fire Free article on measurements of the acoustics prior to the fire and how they will be used to make sure the acoustics are restored once the cathedral is repaired. This article by the same authors goes into more detail about the measurements of...
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    Supra Lorad 3x2.5 SPC - Why cut the drain-wire at one end

    Got those arrows for directionality too.
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    Passive Preamp output impedance calculation

    Now I change the volume in this case I lower it quite a bit. A setting of -20 db. From input to output most of the voltage is used up by 9 k ohm leaving only 1 k ohm above ground and a lower voltage. 1/10th of the total. The output impedance is the value from paralleling 1 k ohm and 9 k ohm...
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    Passive Preamp output impedance calculation

    Now for output impedance. If the source component is a low output impedance, which it normally will be, you could ignore it. And treat it as in the illustration with a ground on both ends of the resistor string. So if you connected a multimeter between the output connector and either ground...
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    Passive Preamp output impedance calculation

    Okay in the illustration the green line shows all the resistance in line from input to ground. If you put a multi-meter between input and ground it will read 10 kohm. Now if the output which is tapped somewhere in the middle connects to a very low input impedance power amp that wouldn't be...
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    Passive Preamp output impedance calculation

    The information is correct. Let me see if I can do some simple illustrations and explanations in the next couple posts.
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    Most Pretentious High-End Audio Component Names

    I don't think this is correct. Morris Kessler started SAE. Sold it, and then came out of retirement to do ATI. David Reich started Classe sometime in the early 1980. He was later forced out after a decade or so by...
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    High GAIN=Higher gain=More compression?

    No the amp can't give more. In the case of the 300 ohm load, the voltage will be the limiting factor. If you switched to high gain, and turn down the volume the amp can give you more into the 300 ohm load. How much more depends upon the max voltage the amp can put out.
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    High GAIN=Higher gain=More compression?

    If you mean 2 volt input standard and with unity gain you get two volts out, then with 32 ohms, you'll get 125 mW. 2 volts / 32 ohms= .0625 amps. So 2 volts x .0625 amps= .125 watts or 124 mW. 2 volts / 300 ohms= .00667 amps. So 2 volts x .00667 amps = .0133 watts or 13.3 mW.
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