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    [HK] 1.03M Protesters on streets last week

    What happened last week, 1.03M Protesters on streets. I spent 7 hrs to finish a walk that usually takes 60 minuets. If you have any business in/with HK, you should read. P.S. BTW, many...
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    Review and Measurements of Benchmark AHB2 Amp

    I don't have much experience in power and, but I read it has a damping factor of 350, does it considered to be high?
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    New Optical Ethernet Streamer from Sonore: SystemOptique (SOPT)

    Might just be better off getting into the real IP audio world
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    DX3 Pro - How is this possible?!

    I've been wondering, can you run multiple ASIO device via USB/TB at the same time?
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    DX3 Pro - How is this possible?!

    They can be expensive indeed, but I wouldn't worry much when it comes to names like Merging, Grace Design, RME, DAD and such. They are always about absolute performance and these names are top in the game of production (not creation), period. It sounds like you are actually looking for a...
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    Verum 1 : planar magnetic headphones

    I hope they get reviewed by professionals, instead of professional reviewers :'(
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    DX3 Pro - How is this possible?!

    Most of the time, the "monitor" output found on broadcasting / production equipment and interfaces, are literally just there for you to check signal routing and very basic stuff, that signal are there and presence, not clipping. Pretty much like how you plug into patch panels and check signals...
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    High Resolution Audio: Does It Matter?

    Finally, AES Inside Track of the month is High-Resolition Audio! Some new papers will be coming out.
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    Can Loudspeakers Accurately Reproduce The Sound Of Real Instruments...and Do You Care?

    It can always be done. Be it recorded into mono and reproduced as a point source in a given space; or setting up speakers with the 60° equilateral triangle relation to resemble the 180° front field If you want something more than that you can see before your eyes, just go multi-channel, that's...
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    DAC attenuation before power amp

    Actually I'm not haha
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    DAC attenuation before power amp

    Regarding Merging's NADAC volume control and method, details can be found here,inAnalogorDigital? As to pro interfaces, they should be in their manuals (I think)
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    Does DSD sound better than PCM?

    Speaking of technical advantage, I genuinely wish to hear any comments regarding info given below (source: ) (I've been avoiding to quote as ppl would take pieces out of context...
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    Does DSD sound better than PCM?

    There's a lot of limitations mixing ITB actually. Mixing and editing may not be a big deal, but when it comes to processors/plug-ins, many of them claim to have emulated the machines, very few actually did Enough is not enough, all they can do, is to capture the original signal/a master as...
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