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Hometheater divce choice


New Member
May 11, 2022
Hello everyone, I am a newcomer from China.
I have a basement that needs to be renovated and it will be designed like the image below.

Now I'm having trouble choosing audio equipment.
Polk R700+R400+R200 All in 2800USD.

Klipsch RP 8000F+RP504C+RP240S+R-120SW All in 2680USD.
Focal Chora 826+ Chora 806+ Chora Center All in 2700USD.
My listening habits Movie and pop music 60/40.
Which of the above 3 sets is more recommended.
BTW I found a new item in stock in the online store Infinity R263+RC263+R163+R12P All in 1300USD.
How does Infinity compare to the speakers above?
Is there a more cost-effective option?

Thanks for your suggestions
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