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help this noob please. looking for 2.1 speaker amps


Feb 6, 2020
thanks for all the replies. my budget for the setup is about 500-700. and the as301 + airmotiv b1+ fits right in.

however, the recommendation to get better speakers like the polk r200 or elac dbr62 paired with the aiyima a07 for around 700+ really piqued my curiosity, though is a bit over my top-end budget but i can probably squeeze that in, if it's worth it.

then i saw a thread here in ASR saying that they prefer the jbl 530 over both dbr62 & r200, and it costs significantly lower at < 400/pair. if the jbl is on par with the dbr62 or r200, will pairing the jbl with the as301 be a great match at around the top end of my budget, or is the aiyima just as good a match?

which of these aforementioned combinations do you feel will be a good fit for a starter in this hobby and will likely keep me content in the foreseeable future without spending thousands more?
I have the jbl 530 and really like them. Can't say I've ive yet spent a ton of time with them or could compare them to the others. But I will say if you can wait for the sale which frequently show up on JBL and Harmon sites at different times, they can be had for as low as $240 a pair with free shipping and returns. Hard to beat that.
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