1. N

    Looking for help/recommendations - buying a DAC for a modest aparetment audio setup

    This is my first post in this Forum, so I wanted to start by saying "Hello!" to everybody. My kids keep growing up and somehow the living space of our apartment (we live in a flat) does not want to expand on its own as time goes on ;) In addition, we are about to start rearranging the space and...
  2. alto

    RPi4 + Pi2AES alternative or off the shelf unit?

    I'm looking to set up a streamer in my living room in the not-so-distant future and have been looking into my options. The setup in the room hosts a Marantz NR1605 which powers my speakers and takes input from a HTPC and record player today. The streamer would most likely connect to the NR1605...
  3. chuckt62

    RaspberryPi Streamers & Spotify

    I’ve been running Volumio on an old Pi2b for a couple months now and was getting ready to pull the trigger on the latest offer (3 months free). Unfortunately I see that the Volumio Spotify plugin is now broken. Apparently Spotify shut down some API libraries and at least some of the code needs...
  4. AudioSceptic

    Streaming Basics: Starting Part Way Through an Album

    I can't believe I'm asking this but I've spent ages on fruitless searches without success. I have Volumio running on an RPi. It pulls music from a NAS. I can use the Volumio HTTP interface in a web browser or the Linn Kazoo app (iPhone, Android tablet, or Mac) to choose and play music. I play...
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