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    USB-C dongle for hifi

    I am looking to buy possibly a Xiaomi 12 Ultra when it launches. But i don't know which usb-c to aux dongle i should buy. I mostly use my Xenns (mangird) Tea and my YBF-ISS014, and i also mostly listen to flac files. I didn't know what category to post this thread in. Update: I have looked at...
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    Better mic than behringer xm8500?

    I am looking to buy a cheap audio interface M-Audio M-Track Solo, i want to know if their are any better options for mics than Behringer xm8500 for max $100. Is gonna be used at a close distance mostly for discord or streaming. I live in europe. Thank you ahead
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    Best DAC under 100/150$

    Hello. There are so many reviews here that I won't be able to digest and compare it all, so I'm going to ask straight away. What is the best dac under 100 and 150 categories? Ol Dac, SDAC, d30 or is there even something better in terms of performance/value currently? The main features that I...
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