1. Talisman

    Aoshida A6 amplifier: This is NOT a review

    This is NOT a review, but an overview of the Aoshida A6 amplifier DISCLAIMER I know that many on ASR completely denigrate tube products, especially the very cheap ones with more aesthetic than functional purposes, as in this case, but considering the probable intended use of an amplifier in...
  2. dpippel

    SOLD: Loxjie P20 Balanced Tube Headphone Amplifier - Mint

    This has been the primary amp in my desktop headphone system for the past year. Probably 200-300 hours on it, tops. In mint condition. Sounds great and packs a punch. Includes stock tubes plus a pair of matched GE JAN 5670W tubes (installed) from Riverstone Audio ($45 dollar value). Includes AC...
  3. Dogen

    Tube OTL headphone amp: OK to run without a load?

    Is there any risk in running a signal through an OTL tubed headphone amp (DarkVoice 336se) with no headphones? I know it’s normally not a good idea, because it could damage the transformer. But there’s not one here. I’d like to do some quick comparisons between the headphone amp on my DAC and...
  4. Dogen

    Has anyone measured the effect (if any) of tube rolling?

    I’m very much enjoying my new DarkVoice 336se tube headphone amp, and part of the fun is rolling in different 6SN7s I have on hand with my Sennheiser 6xx cans. Perhaps it’s folly, but I do think I detect differences in sound depending on the tube. Ken-Rads tend to have deeper bass, RCAs are...
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