1. Danaxus

    Room Treatment Plan - The Retirement Gift Update

    Hi all! About a year ago, my parents decided to build a new home. As a retirement gift for my father, I decided I would design a dedicated music room for him. And thus I gingerly dipped my foot into the rabbit hole of acoustics and promptly fell into the infinite void. A year later, the...
  2. juliangst

    Absorption of triangular bass traps

    I'm planning to build some bass traps. The rear wall will be treated with about 40cm of glass wool but I want something more attractive for the front wall. I really like the looks of triangular bass traps; they're not as visually intrusive as square bass traps to me. I do all my caculation...
  3. M

    Is using monitor speakers possible in my tiny bedroom?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to mix my songs in my tiny bedroom. Is mixing with monitor speakers a viable option in this room? Sorry for the bad drawing, but here are the approximate measurements of my room: L: 280cm (110") W: 250cm (98.4") H: 240cm (94"). I typed the measurements into Bob Gold's...
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