1. R

    SMSL T2 MQA CD Transport from the VMV series new at the High End trade fair

    SMSL has quietly presented its new T2 MQA CD Transport from the VMV series at the High End trade fair in Munich. Price about 1000 $/€ or more...
  2. benanders

    Are you a FAN boy? Fan-less vs. forced air music server / transport (passive vs. active cooling)

    How do most ASR’ers cool their music servers / streamers / transports? Fans or no fans? Some great threads focus on fan-less setups, but are largely free of comparative metrics on room noise floor, fan model max dB ratings (manufacturer specs or as measured in situ), chassis-to-MLP distance...
  3. yllanos

    Denafrips ARCE streamer
  4. M

    SOLD: Allo DigiOne streamer with cable

    Hi Gang. Not a frequent poster on ASR, but I'm a forum donor and love the site. I'm listing for sale an Allo DigiOne streamer. For those not familiar, head over to to read more, or you can read a review of it that Amir did a couple years back. In short, it attaches to a Raspberry Pi...
  5. Neto Rare

    SOLD!!!FS: Lumin U1 Mini (Black) + Infrared Control PackageSOLD!!!

    Purchased from an authorized Lumin dealer less than a month ago and includes the warranty. Color: Black Both in MINT condition! Price: $1850 Includes FREE US shipping (insured), but will add PP fee. Pics here - Also posted here w/ my feedbacks...
  6. M

    Help choosing rpi4 digital HAT (transport only)

    My primary DAC for this transport will be an RME ADI-2 DAC FS, which needs to link to a network server several rooms away (currently experimenting with Roon). I will connect to the transport using coax (a media PC currently occupies the USB input on the ADI-2). Please note the ADI-2 does not...
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