1. sweetchaos

    Erin posted the Emotiva Airmotiv T2+ tower speaker review

    Erin just posted the Emotiva Airmotiv T2+ (3-way) tower speaker review! Retails for US$1000/pair. Look at the size of these bad boys! Overall conclusion from Erin: Thanks to @hardisj for measuring this beast of a speaker. :D Discuss!
  2. sweetchaos

    Passive Speaker Recommendations for USA (by @sweetchaos)

    I'm constantly asked which speakers to, here you go! :D This guide is for PASSIVE speakers. For ACTIVE speakers go here. Click on the "Spoiler" buttons below to expand each section. RAN OUT OF CHARACTERS...CONTINUED ON POST #2
  3. D

    SEAS Coaxial 3-Way Design Log

    This thread will serve as my log for iterations of this project. I am sharing it publicly for reference and constructive criticism. I am not a speaker design expert, or an audiophile guru. I'm some nerd with irregular, long bursts of free time and a rabbit hole. Building speaker kits was very...
  4. D

    Small Subwoofer Drivers in Tower Speaker

    Hey all, I've been reading more and more about speaker design since I built my first set and I have an idea I'd hope to be able to execute in a few years. The 4" Tang Band midbass drivers I have on my desk are impressing the hell out of me with their low end. Tang Band clearly knows how to...
  5. S

    FS: Pair of Wharfedale EVO 4.4 Speakers

    A set of Wharfedale EVO 4.4s. These are in perfect working order. There is a very minor ding on the side of one of the speakers, but you need to be really up close and put a flashlight to it to see it. Price: $1375 + Shipping. OBO Location: Skokie, IL (Local Pickup is Available) Let me know...
  6. ironhorse128

    Is a 2m/6 feet listening distance ok for the use of 3-way tower speakers?

    I am considering to upgrade from bookshelves to my first pair of tower speaker (3-way, e.g. Revel f206, Kef R7). I am sitting 2m away from my speakers. I would like to keep this listening distance. Would the short listening distance raise any problems? I might have heard/ read that 3-way tower...
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