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  1. daniboun

    "Bamboo V2" project. 3E Audio 260-2-29A Stéréo Rev. B (OPA1656) + PFC/LLC PSU. APx555 Measurements )

    Hi amigos, Before starting, I suspended the measurements of the first project "Micro Bamboo." I will come back to the quick measurements at the end of May finally, I still have to speak with Sami about his Micro Audio PSU... am focusing on this thread only on the measures of the "Bamboo V2"...
  2. daniboun

    "Micro Bamboo Project" : 3E Audio 260-2-29A Stereo amplifier + Micro-Audio PSU

    Hi Amigos ) As promised, I remain faithful to my Diyer position ) After my dual Mono project "Bamboo" I return to the scene with a new project "Micro Bamboo" to pay tribute to Micro Audio and its audiophile grade SMPS630-SO PSU. (46V/13A or 51V/11,5A) Now that we know the measurements of the 3E...
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