1. B

    Gustard R26 XLR, RCA SQ

    This issue has been touched upon but not precisely, when BOTH XLR and RCA outputs are being used simultaneously…. Setup: XLR out (via converter) to RCA monoblocks, short run, AND RCA out to dual subs with independent gain and crossover control. Audible, unmeasured findings seem that once the...
  2. K

    Genelec with external subwoofer

    Hi All, I own a pair of Genelec 8350a, and was thinking of adding a subwoofer. The Genelec subs are quite expensive, and frankly not very attractive in a living room. I connect the genelecs digitally, using a source with AES-EBU signal to speaker A, which then has a digital-thru connection to...
  3. luft262

    Dual SVS SB 3000 or Dual HSU ULS-15 MK 2 For Appropriately Sized Room

    Which set of subwoofers would you choose and why? Thanks!
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