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  1. B

    FS: NEW Focal Astral 16 IN STOCK - Latest firmware - 12ch Pascal class D - SMPS per each 4 ch. - 4 XLR outputs - Dirac Live Bass Control

    Hey everyone, I have an extra Focal Astral 16 in stock ready to ship. The MSRP is $19,999, and I'm offering this unit at 40% off $12,000 shipping and processing fees included. Think of the Astral as a receiver version of the StormAudio ISP Elite. Astral's identical cousin, StormAudio I.ISP...
  2. Spocko

    Review Questions for Flagship Processors: Trinnov, Storm, JBL, Lyngdorf, Datasat

    In anticipation of Amir's review and measurements of the Trinnov Altitude 16, I wanted to collect the follow up questions ahead of time so that Amir can address them all in one sitting (sorry @amirm but you can pick and choose what makes sense to you!) rather than piece meal after measurements...
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