sennheiser hd 560s

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    Topping DX1 Gain: L or H for Sennheiser HD 560S?

    Hi, I have a Topping DX1 which has a "Gain" switch on the back with options: L and H. I plan to buy Sennheiser HD 560S headphones tomorrow, which have the following specifications: Impedance: 120 Ohms Sound pressure level (SPL): 110 dB (1kHz, 1 Vrms) While Topping DX1 has the following...
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    Help me decide: Akg k702 vs Sennheiser 560s

    dear Forum, I want to buy an open headphone for sound design and mixing. My budget is max 150€ (in Europe). I narrowed down the choice between the AKG k702 and the Sennheiser 560s and I am auditioning both at home. I am testing them with and without EQ (Oratory AutoEQ and Sonarworks). I can...
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