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Help me decide: Akg k702 vs Sennheiser 560s

Which headphone is better for sound design / mixing / critical listeling?

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Jan 27, 2022
dear Forum,

I want to buy an open headphone for sound design and mixing. My budget is max 150€ (in Europe).

I narrowed down the choice between the AKG k702 and the Sennheiser 560s and I am auditioning both at home.
I am testing them with and without EQ (Oratory AutoEQ and Sonarworks). I can return both of them without problems.

The problem is, I like them both :)
The K702 definitively needs some EQ to be properly used, the 560s can go without EQ though I do like it better with EQ.
Using the EQ is not a problem in my setup.

They are both comfortable, though I find the K702 more comfortable than the 560s.
Soundwise I tend more toward the 560s.
I think I will be happy and can work well with either of them.

In any case I wanted to hear you opinions about it.
I have the impression that the people of the forum will tend more toward the 560s. I also read the good review of @amirm of the 560s and the reviews of @solderdude , which make me tend even more towards the 560s.
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