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  1. Bling Guy McSqueezy

    Asgard 3 paired with Modius / Modi / Chinese DAC?

    Hi friends, a few days ago I received my first quality headphones - 6xx. I am considering purchasing Asgard 3 + Modius but want to ask if Modi 3 will do the job too? The headphones are currently connected to the Asus TUF X570 GAMING motherboard with the Realtek A1200, and it sounds pretty...
  2. L

    Apple iPad to Schiit Modius DAC via Apple Camera Connection Kit

    Hi, I currently have the following, an Apple iPad Air 3 with an Apple Camera Connection Kit plugged into the Lightning Port at the bottom of the iPad. That Apple Camera Connection Kit is both plugged into power and has the USB to my Schiit Modius DAC via the Micro USB port, next to the power...
  3. A

    Schiit Modius + A30 pro stack clipping in Tidal

    Hey guys , kinda new to this hobby and glad to see many helpful and knowledgeable people in this forum. I've just subscribed to tidal as my main source of hi-res music. My audio gear is Schiit Modius (DAC) stacked to A30 pro (AMP) via BAl in/out XLR , driving a Hifiman Ananda. Windows audio...
  4. J

    Element II vs. Modius/Asgard3 stack

    As the title states, I am currently trying to decide between the Element II DAC/AMP Combo vs a Modius/Asgard 3 stack. Currently just have the HD6xx, Sundara, and X2HR. I know that both of these options are overkill for the headphones that I currently own, but I am trying to future proof a little...
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