1. K

    Emby + DLNA = recognised but no play

    Emby running as an app on TrueNAS SCALE Emby app on Android (v8 IIRC) phone TrueNAS SCALE Primare NP5 network streamer` FireFox 122.0.1 (64-bit) (but this is not browser related) TrueNAS SCALE is not a factor in this problem; it's just hosting Docker images with the Emby...
  2. C

    Frankly, it's hell to choose an AVR

    Currently I have a Yamaha RX-A2060 for home theater and a Primare stereo amp for music. Due to lack of space, I would like to replace both of them with a new Home Theater AVR. It's really hard to make the right choice. When I go to listen to an AVR, it is each time in different conditions (room...
  3. kanjerkoe

    Primare I15 MM - any owners ?

    Does anyone here on ASR own or have listened to a system connected with the Primare I15 MM? I have been eyeing this amplifier because it uses the Class D power and it looks and ticks some of my boxes. I was wondering if anyone can tell their own experience with this product and if they would...
  4. C

    Primare A35.8

    Hello All, I read a lot of passionate exchanges about class D amplifiers. For the multichannel, we talk a lot about Nord, Appollon, ... we even have McIntosh that released one. For my part, I have a Primare stereo amp that I like a lot. I was wondering what you think about their 8 channels...
  5. edwardgrey

    Rpi4b vs Primare NP5 mk2 question

    I’m currently using my Rpi 4b with Ropieee XL to stream to my Topping D90SE Ext HD > : USB : > PC > : Ethernet : > Rpi 4b > : USB : > Topping D90SE I also have a more expensive streamer, the Primare NP5 mk2; unfotunately no USB out, so it would be limited to Coax or Toslink output, 192kHz...
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