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    [Requesting Advice]: Audiophile beginner looking to expand & upgrade

    Hello Folks, I started of my audio journey during pandemic with a Denon x4500h, JBL studio 530s , an Infinity RC263 center and a HSU Research VTF-15H MK2 sub. Over the past few months i wanted to take the hobby a bit further. Mostly, wanted to improve my AV side and create a dedicated 2 (&...
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    Pre amplifier into an integrated amplifier?

    I dug my old 8ohm Polk bookshelf speakers out of my closet and thought about getting a cheap-ish power amp so that I can hook them up to my Schiit Jotunheim, which I am currently using as a headphone amp. This is for a small room, and I'm not planning on cranking the volume, so I wasn't looking...
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    Xduoo MT-604: DAC / Pre-Amp

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a DAC / Pre-Amp with balanced out that would pair well with the MT-604 ? I am currently using it with the IFI Zen DAC V2 and that works fine (except for the front 4.4mm balanced input on the 604: not very convenient) but this one is meant to return in another room and...
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    Connecting Preamp to AVR, does avr have to be on bypass mode?

    I want to connect a preamp to my Denon 3700, but I want to continue using Audyssey. I am not sure if that is possible, does the avr need to be in bypass mode when connecting to a Topping Pre90 preamp?
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    Pre Amp Needed?

    Hi, just wanting to get some advice as i am kind of new to this. I was wanting to know if a Pre amp is needed if intend to connect a Denafrips Aeries II Dac to ELAC NAVIS ARB51 Speakers? So i currently have a Bluesound Node 2i Connected via RCA into a pair of ELAC NAVIS ARB 51 Active Bookshelf...
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