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  1. jayapple

    PRE-AMP is really useful?

    Is pre-AMP still useful in the digital age?
  2. T

    Schiit Freya S or Topping Pre 90

    I'm in the process of system upgrades.. I've purchased a pair of @Buckeye Amps NCx500 Monoblocks (Still waiting on them), Moved my SVS Ultra Towers to my stereo listening area currently connected to my Outlaw Audio RR2160 MKII (will be for sale soon), am taking delivery of a DMP-A6 on Sunday...
  3. dougi

    QUAD Artera PRE partial measurements/spec conformation

    Today I'll present mainly a summary of partial measurements of my QUAD Artera PRE analog preamp. The manual is finally available online and you can find it here. Like the rest of the Atera series, it is quite a looker in a clean kind of way: The back shows it has three sorts of outputs...
  4. L

    Pre-amps with variable high and low pass filters?

    Hi i would like to know some options for a decent pre amp with variable high and low pass filters. I have seen Emotiva PT2 has this feature (for example) but I am struggling to find others. Do you know of any you might recommend? £1800 max would be the budget.
  5. S

    Help!! connection of PreAmp to Dongle Dac, does it work?

    hello I have a question. I have ordered the S.M.S.L SP 200 amplifier from Amazon at a good price and I just need a good dac that supports native MQA and DSD, but they are expensive and I only have 90 dollars, so I decided to buy a dac dongle and bought the Linsoul Audirect Atom2 MQA, and what i...
  6. DesertHawk

    Why are preamps so expensive?

    Help me better understand preamps. My understanding is that if you only have a dac as a source and you buy a dac with built-in volume control then you don't even need a preamp. Basically, a preamp is needed if you are using a power amp that isn't an "integrated amplifier" and you have more than...
  7. Mehdiem

    Best volume setting in a chain of a streamer, DAC, Amp?

    Hi, I’m wondering what would be the ideal setting of gain/volume in the following chain? (1) Node Streamer (coax out to RME) (2) RME ADI-2 (RCA out to Yamaha) (3) Yamaha N-R602 Integrated Amp (to KEF LS50) Currently, my setting is a follows: (1) Node Steamer: volume fix at maximum (0db) (2)...
  8. slurp

    FS: Topping D90 (AKM MQA) [US]

    Like new, in pristine condition. AK4499 chip. Includes remote, Bluetooth antenna, manual, power cable, and factory packaging. Asking $700. Ships free to lower 48.
  9. M

    [Requesting Advice]: Audiophile beginner looking to expand & upgrade

    Hello Folks, I started of my audio journey during pandemic with a Denon x4500h, JBL studio 530s , an Infinity RC263 center and a HSU Research VTF-15H MK2 sub. Over the past few months i wanted to take the hobby a bit further. Mostly, wanted to improve my AV side and create a dedicated 2 (&...
  10. M

    Pre amplifier into an integrated amplifier?

    I dug my old 8ohm Polk bookshelf speakers out of my closet and thought about getting a cheap-ish power amp so that I can hook them up to my Schiit Jotunheim, which I am currently using as a headphone amp. This is for a small room, and I'm not planning on cranking the volume, so I wasn't looking...
  11. S

    Xduoo MT-604: DAC / Pre-Amp

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a DAC / Pre-Amp with balanced out that would pair well with the MT-604 ? I am currently using it with the IFI Zen DAC V2 and that works fine (except for the front 4.4mm balanced input on the 604: not very convenient) but this one is meant to return in another room and...
  12. B

    Connecting Preamp to AVR, does avr have to be on bypass mode?

    I want to connect a preamp to my Denon 3700, but I want to continue using Audyssey. I am not sure if that is possible, does the avr need to be in bypass mode when connecting to a Topping Pre90 preamp?
  13. O

    Pre Amp Needed?

    Hi, just wanting to get some advice as i am kind of new to this. I was wanting to know if a Pre amp is needed if intend to connect a Denafrips Aeries II Dac to ELAC NAVIS ARB51 Speakers? So i currently have a Bluesound Node 2i Connected via RCA into a pair of ELAC NAVIS ARB 51 Active Bookshelf...
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