1. A

    New to this audio world

    Hi, I just bought a new pc with I guess a bad audio codec on the motherboard (B650 Aorus Elite AX) I have the PC38x headset which I always used just fine on my previous pc. On this pc tho, my max volume is just way too low and just sounds off. I mainly play games, and like to compete in them...
  2. tomini

    Suitable solution for PC38X (and the rest of my setup)?

    Hello, I recently ordered the Sennheiser PC38X headset from DROP and I'd like an AMP/DAC combo to accompany it. This whole setup is 70% for gaming on Windows 10 and 30% for everything else on the same OS, so please keep that in mind. Quick backstory: Although the headset is only 28 Ω, I still...
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